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Things to Keep in Mind for Spark Plug Care

Love your bike? Things to keep mind for Spark Plug Care

When it comes to the maintenance of your bike, knowing what goes where and how it all works is as crucial to a biker as a kitchen is to the chef. Not to mention the fact that it reduces your premium and helps boost the claim you make to the bike insurance company.

After changing tyres and keeping the chain well lubricated, spark plug care is the next important thing to know. After all, it is the component that ignites the fuel, essentially making your engine rev up to life. Given its crucial role in a functional bike, cleaning the spark plug on a regular basis, and replacing it if necessary, is of prime importance.

There are multiple reasons for the spark plug care. Some of these include deteriorated function due to dust and oil deposits, the wrong ratio of air and fuel and pockets of ash in the insulator rim of the plug. Knowing when and how to clean the contraption is the first step to spark plug care.

Once you’ve located and removed it from the engine, you would want to look at the rings on the plug’s insulator part. If it is covered in a layer of brown or shades of it, your spark plug is functional. If, instead of brown color, the insulator is covered in layers of dust-trapped oil or soot, the spark plug requires to be cleaned. You would want to use fuel to clean equipment that is used near fuel. For spark plugs, petrol or kerosene works best. A small metal brush is all you need. Deposits of oil and soot on the insulator are also often an indicator for mechanical damages in the engine.

An interesting thing about spark plugs is that you can tell if there’s something wrong with the engine based on its condition. If the engine is running too hot for the spark plug, the insulator will be glazed and covered in burn marks. To keep the spark plug functional, and in turn the engine, it is of prime importance to follow the heat range specified by the manufacturer. If ignored, this can even be considered negligence and affect your two wheeler insurance claim, when the need arises.

Another important point to keep in mind while cleaning or replacing it is the spark plug gap. Different models of bikes will have different gap requirements, so it is best to refer to the manufacturer’s manual when it comes to checking the spark plug gap.

Should your bike unexpectedly break down, it is knowledge like this that might come in handy, not to mention the confidence you get to go on long bike rides and road trips. Add to it the fact that a biker well-versed in maintenance basics can considerably reduce the premium paid on the two wheeler insurance policy. It’s a win-win.

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