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The Importance Of Claiming Your Car Insurance On Time


Motor Insurance is a mandatory requirement of being a vehicle owner. At any point in time the two documents which you must have in your car are the vehicle registration papers and the vehicle insurance papers. Motor Insurance is needed in case of any accidents or breakdowns that might need repairs. The repairs may be to the other vehicle (in case of an accident) or to your own. These scenarios are covered in the case of third party liability and comprehensive insurance.

When your car is damaged and you would like to claim the insurance on the same, the best way to do so is to pull out the car insurance papers that you should be carrying around in your dashboard and call the customer care helpline mentioned on it. The general insurers such as Bharti AXA GI and others have a dedicated and efficient helpline to help you stay on track and know what to do next.

Raising a claim on the insurance company is the first step to claiming vehicle insurance. This should be done either immediately or within the time given. The reasons are:

Getting a quick settlement or even a no cash settlement of your claim

When you call your insurance company, in the event of raising the claim – you get a Claim number, that can be quoted on all future correspondence related to the same claim. When you call immediately after the event where the vehicle is damaged and needs repairs – the claim company may send you to their approved service centers and garages. Here – your claim might be settlement directly by the company without any cash outgo from you – this depends on the kind of policy you have opted for.

Getting your vehicle back in the shortest time possible

In an approved service center – your vehicle will be surveyed on time – and the repairs starts. Since the repairs are not generally started till the survey is done – in the interest of having your vehicle back on time – as well as getting the settlement, talking to the insurance company about approved garages near you is a great idea. The insurance company may even help with the towing to the garage or have the garage arrange it. Getting your vehicle repaired without the survey may lead to difficulty in receiving the claim amount back, as the insurance company would have difficulty in vetting the veracity of the claim.

Sometimes, people do not want to claim the expenses involved from motor insurance as every time you do so your premium amount may increase as someone who is liable to have payouts. But, when you are going to claim insurance – you should get the process started immediately – and the first step is to call the insurance company. Not only would your receive help and guidance with the repair of your vehicle – but it would prevent you from the time spent on following up later for receiving the claim amount – due to your own delay in making the claim.

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