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Steps To Follow Immediately After A Road Accident


The Road Accident Scenario

Road accidents have been among the top 10 reasons for fatalities in India. Road accidents are the reasons behind increasing death toll, injuries and property damages. Due to the negligence of traffic laws as well as the rash driving scene present, buying car insurance or motor insurance has become a necessity. Motor insurance helps in providing financial security to the vehicle as well as the owner (or their respective legal heir) in case of any future contingencies.

Steps that need to be taken Post Road Accidents

  • The first step being after a road accident is never to drive away from the respective accident scene.
  • Individuals should try to get the accident scene more protected either by keeping flashlights on or using a torch to make sure no further accidents happen.
  • Contact the local police authorities operating in that area and fill the concerned reports. Also, in case the vehicle is insured then a spot survey is conducted for the claim process.
  • Stay accurate with the accident details. Do not speculate, guess or mistake any of the facts regarding the accident.
  • It is recommended to take pictures in case of visible injuries or visible damage. However, do refrain from doing so when subject to police investigations or any ongoing investigations.
  • Exchange the respective information of all the third parties involved in the accident.
  • Once all the investigations have been completed, the utmost priority is to seek medical care.
  • It is recommended to keep a file on hand related to accident information and identification documents.
  • One of the most important things to do after an accident is to contact the respective attorney.

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