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How to Claim Cashless Car Insurance in India


People purchase insurance in order to be covered financially in case any accident or mishap occurs. So that you don’t have to make expenses yourself in any such event, insurance companies provide you an easy option of claiming cashless car insurance. The hospital or the garage is directly paid by the insurance company itself. The best insurance companies for cars will provide you with instant help wherever you are. However, not all claims are accepted by the insurance companies. Before you make any expenses or amends to the car yourself, you must read on 'how to claim car insurance in India'. Here are the definitive steps to follow for cashless car insurance claim process in case of accident or theft.

5 Steps to Claim Cashless Car Insurance

  1. Inform your insurance provider about the theft, accident, or own damage as soon as it occurs
  2. In case there are injuries and/or death involved, you must inform the police immediately and file an FIR
  3. In case of severe damage to the car, you shouldn’t move it anywhere till you call a surveyor from the insurance company
  4. The surveyor will inspect the vehicle and get it towed to a network garage
  5. The network garage will present an estimated cost for the repairs. Once this is approved by the insurance company, the garage will make the repairs accordingly

Wide Network of Cashless Garages & Cashless Hospitals

Bharti AXA provides you instant help in case of loss or damage to your car or in case of any physical injuries. With our nation-wide network of more than 3600 cashless garages and thousands of cashless hospitals, you can avail the best facilities for treatment and repairs wherever you are. You can opt for our cashless comprehensive car insurance that would fully protect you from any kind of losses incurred due to accidents, theft, or natural disasters.

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