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Some misconceptions about buying car insurance


Car insurance is a necessity, but when you are applying for the insurance, you may come across many misconceptions.It may lead you to lose a lot of your hard-earned money. So what are the 6 myths that you should avoid when you are availing insurance for your car? Let’s find out.

Myths about Car Insurance
Color, color which color is your car

One of the biggest misconceptions that you may come across is that to select a particular color to reduce the premiums of your insurance plan. However, you should know that the color of the car has no influence on car insurance.

Sports Car have High Insurance

It is a common misconception that all sports cars have costly insurance premiums. However, you should realize that the cost of your insurance depends on a variety of aspects. The type of car is just one of the aspects. So, a sports car may not necessarily have a high cost. The plan and add-ons selected by you will decide the cost. So, it is always a good idea to get car insurance quote online to know how much premium you will have to pay based on all the factors.


The responsibility of the damage will be on the holder of the car, not on the driver. So, even if your driver is primarily responsible for an accident, the holder of the policy will be liable.

Coverage of Rental Car

It is crucial for you to ensure that if you are using a rental car, it has insurance. However, not all insurance providers provide coverage for rental cars.

Items In Your Car Will Be Covered

You should be sure about the items that are covered under your policy. It is not a good idea to make assumptions when it comes to coverage. Even if it is for something trivial, you should not assume that it will be covered, as it may depend on the policy and add-ons selected by you.

Personal Car Insurance For Business

Another misconception about insurance is that you can avail personal car insurance for a car used for commercial purposes. You must have a separate business car insurance policy for your automobile if it used for commercial purposes.

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