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Solo Trip To Greece


Many who travel solo say that it is a life-changing and highly rewarding experience. The perks of travelling solo are many, from not compromising on your bucket list due to a travel partner who may not always share your interests, to meeting fellow solo travellers and making new friends.  

Almost every part of Europe is a great choice for a solo trip since these countries are highly developed with superb and dependable infrastructure, fascinating history, rich and diverse culture, easy to navigate on your own, quite used to hosting solo travellers and perhaps most significant is that they are among the safest in the world. So if the allure of the Greek islands is beckoning and you would rather wing it there on your own, we say just pack your bags and go for it!  

Read on for tips on how to prepare, plan and what to expect on your solo trip to this mind-blowingly beautiful Mediterranean country.

Getting Around Greece Solo  

Make use of the country’s efficient public transport network of buses and trains to move within and between cities and towns to explore places of interest on the mainland. It will save a lot of your Euros plus you can enjoy the feel of travelling like a local and also interact with them for insider tips on best tavernas to grab a bite, where to get the best shopping bargains and so on. Taxis are also available if you need them or you can rent a car. 

To reach the famous Greek islands of Santorini, Corfu, Crete, Mykonos and Hydra, you will need to take the boat from Athens. There are regular ferry services available from the three ports in Athens – Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio that serve these surrounding islands.    

Tips for Solo Travellers in Greece 

Buy and Study a Map of Greece: It is not difficult to get your bearings in Greece if you follow the directions on a map. When you are travelling solo you should familiarise yourself with the places you intend to go to beforehand. Being as well as prepared as possible will go a long way in helping you avoid pitfalls.      

Join a Tour Group: Tours are a popular and great way for a solo traveller to explore many parts of Greece once you are in the country. You can visit remote and slightly more adventurous places much more easily and affordably when you are with an organised tour. Check for day tours, walking tours and theme-based tours on the Greek islands and on the mainland.  

Handbook of Basic Greek Phrases: You don’t have to learn the language although it can definitely help to know a bit of Greek. Even though English is widely spoken in Greece and you should ideally not have a problem with communicating, knowing the local language can be a handy tool when you move out of Athens to visit other less touristy places such as Parga, Kastoria and Cape Sounion. If you are familiar with a few basic words and phrases then the signboards and talk around you will no longer sound like it is all Greek. Literally!       

Avoid Isolated Places: You are travelling solo so you already have plenty of your own space not to venture out to lonely, isolated places on your own. Stay with the crowd of locals or join a tour with fellow travellers or at least have a local guide accompany you, especially when exploring off-the-beaten-track places. In Athens for example, certain neighbourhoods such as Psyrri and Omonia are not recommended to be walking around solo after dark.

Get Travel Insurance: While it goes without saying that one should always be cautious, stay alert and take care of their belongings when travelling solo, it is best not to leave anything to chance. Getting international travel insurance should be part of trip planning and preparedness because your travel insurance policy will act as your most important backup to cover you in case of any mishap or unforeseen emergency such as theft, an accident or loss of luggage. Buying Travel Insurance for Greece is essential to secure your solo trip to Greece so make sure you don’t leave home without it. Be safe, enjoy your solo adventures in Greece and don’t miss out on savouring delicious and healthy authentic Greek dishes

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