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Six Steps to Claim Car Insurance Correctly

Follow These Tips to File Your Car Insurance Claim Correctly

 Buying a car insurance policy goes hand-in-glove with buying a car. In India, buying the third-party liability cover has been made mandatory by car owners under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. However, it is important to note that a comprehensive insurance cover offers a multitude of benefits; right from getting compensated for third-party loss or damage to personal accident covers, these car insurance policies from a reliable insurer can help you in situations when you are subject to immense financial burden.

If you are involved in a car accident or damage, you need to file the insurance claim in order to receive the desired compensation and benefits out of the same. However, there are several individuals who fail to be correctly compensated for as they are not able to file the four-wheeler insurance claim properly. If you are on the same page, here are some top tips for you towards filing the car insurance claim in an efficient manner:

  • Inform the Police Immediately: Contacting the police right after some major car accident or mishap is considered the best solution. The police can prove to be helpful in jotting down all the in-depth details of the accident in the correct manner. In most cases, right after the accident, we are shaken up to think straight or take any immediate action. As such, contacting the police can serve to be a great decision, especially if you have incurred major damage or loss in the car accident.
  • Collect Relevant Information: The information that you collect can play a major role in helping you get the desired compensation towards your overall financial loss. Therefore, it is recommended to collect all possible important information with respect to the car accident or mishap. This might include third-party’s car number plate, spot of accident, cause of the accident, and various other relevant information. Moreover, clicking a photograph of the accident scene can also prove to be extremely beneficial.
  • Determine the Claim’s Nature:  When there is the involvement of third-party in the car accident, there are two cases: you can raise the third-party claim on the third-party insurance coverage or you can raise the claim on your own insurance policy. This requires you to have the comprehensive motor car insurance plan as well. To be able to file your claim properly, it is crucial for you to understand the nature of your insurance claim correctly.
  • Do Not Forget to Inform the Insurer: When you are involved in a car accident, you should inform the particular four-wheeler insurance company immediately. Provide all the relevant information to the insurer and then, you can go forward with filing the claim towards receiving the needed compensation. There are higher chances of your claim getting rejected if you procrastinate in informing the insurer on time.
  • File a Police Report: When it comes to major car accidents or road mishaps, filing an FIR is necessary if there is the involvement of any third-party as well. This is because in such a case, the insurer might emphasize the submission of a proper FIR or the police report towards processing your insurance claim.
  • Obtain the No-Trace Certificate from the Police: If your car has been stolen, then this situation might come to your help. After you have filed an FIR for the same, you can go forward with obtaining the no-trace certificate from the police.

Ensure that your car insurance claim is accepted in the first attempt through these tips!

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