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Single Trip Vs. Multi-Trip Travel Insurance: What’s Right for You?


Dreaming about a vacation abroad? You should definitely try making it come true.

A travel insurance plan can help you fly across continents with ease. It financially secures you from the mess of flight cancellation, medical treatment, or baggage loss that could possibly occur during travel.

So, all that needs to be done is buy travel insurance and that’s it, right? No, hang on! You need to buy the right overseas travel insurance cover that is suitable as per your requirements.

So, which one should you pick – Single Trip or Multi-Trip travel insurance? Read ahead to find out!

Single Trip travel insurance

Need to travel just once in the near future? Then a single trip travel insurance plan is meant for you. If you’re an occasional traveller, don’t hesitate to choose the single trip travel insurance plan.

The coverage begins from the date you board the flight from India to your international destination and till your return date to India. You would notice that single trip travel insurance policies are more cost-effective than multi-trip plans because they cater only to a particular journey. This means you don’t have to pay anything extra for the days you don’t travel.

If you are journeying just once then it would be practical to have this type of insurance. However, for more than one trip a year, single trip can prove to be costly. You cannot alter the number of days or extend them in case of single journey insurance. Those who plan their annual family vacation and wish to buy a family travel insurance plan can consider a single trip policy.

Multi-Trip travel insurance

Multi-Trip travel insurance works more on an annual basis. You are covered right from the time you leave home till the time you return home and that too multiple times over the course of the year.

Since the policy is valid for 365 days of the year, you can fly abroad as many times as you want. You will be protected all year round. If you’re someone who loves shopping abroad frequently or you’re an avid business traveller, then the multi-trip travel insurance works right for you.

Remember that if you wish to stay at your destination for too long, then you shouldn’t be opting for a multi-trip travel plan. For coverage, multi-trips always have a limit on the length or duration of travel.


Your insurer may have an upper age restriction for travel insurance. Speak to your insurer about the same.

Make sure you always declare your pre-existing conditions to the insurer. Let them know if you’re under medical treatment or consultation. If you’re flying to Schengen countries, you should opt for Schengen travel insurance.            

Figure out your needs before buying a travel insurance plan for yourself or your family. Only then would you be able to make the right choice be it – single-trip or multi-trip!

With Bharti AXA, you can purchase your desired travel insurance plan online, and get the right protection instantly.

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