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Why You Have To See The Northern Lights In Norway To Experience Real Magic


During large solar explosions and flares, a huge quantity of material is flung out of the Sun. As these particles reach Earth, they are guided by the Earth’s magnetic field to concentrate over the magnetic poles. The magic happens as these particles enter Earth’s atmosphere. They interact with Ozone and whatever else is protecting us from the cosmic waves, and the resulting energy released can be seen as the northern lights or aurora borealis.

The most comfortable place to witness these magical lights is in Northern Norway. Your arctic experience will be enriched by the vast array of activities you can choose from when visiting here. The appearance of the aurora depends on the amount of solar activity, and one cannot predict perfectly when these will appear and the lower activity in the past few years have caused the northern lights to be fader. That said, the aurora oval witnessed by Northern Norway has remained as bright as ever.

If you are an Urbanist, the best place to witness the northern lights is at Tromsa. Locals advise that one should go to the street of Parkgata, close to the city park Kongsbakken for the best experience. This is simply because there are no streetlights here to disturb your view.

If you do not want to be stuck in a city, travel to the lake Prestvannet. The reserve surrounding the lake has no artificial illumination – providing the best spot to witness the aurora. The lake is no more than a half hour walk from the city centre of Tromsa.

If you would prefer experiencing the northern lights from closer to the North Pole, travel to the Svalbard Islands. These islands are located mid-way between mainland Norway and the North Pole. The encompassing dark of the island makes bathing in the northern lights a magical experience.

For those among you who like to avoid the tourists that crowd every popular destination, the county of Finnmark offers the best destination to witness the northern lights at. This place is much less advertised, and therefore gets far less crowd. You will find a lot of undisturbed nature that would let you witness the magic in peace. Though remember that temperatures here can reach as low a minus 27 degree Celsius. So, keep those warm clothes on.

If you like kayaking, head to the island of Kvaløya or in the archipelago of Lofoten. Here, sitting in a Kayak, you can witness the magic of the northern lights not just in the sky but also under you in the water. The locals call this effect “morild”.

Regardless of which spot in Northern Norway you pick to witness the northern lights, the experience is bound to be magical. As Norway is part of the Schengen region, do not forget to get your travel insurance before you take the trip. One can evaluate travel insurance plans offered by Bharti AXA GI.

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