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Destinations To Explore On Your Bike This Monsoon


Riding In The Rain

As sharp drops hit your face, you see nothing but a winding path frantically revealing itself behind sheets and sheets of rain. While you can’t see much ahead, you hurtle on, going nowhere fast. For a biker, not too many things come close to the rush of riding in the rain.

In India, biking in the rain may not always be fun and while it may simply be commuting to work, the country presents a range of opportunities for a monsoon biking weekend. Whether alone or with friends, India has a range of scenic bike riding places to visit during monsoon.

Monsoon Biking In India

No matter where you live, India presents a range of monsoon biking opportunities across the length and breadth of the country. Some of them include:


1. The road from Mumbai to Malshej:

For those living near Mumbai or anywhere in western Maharashtra, the route from Mumbai to Malshej along the many waterfalls and historic forts presents an exciting prospect of riding along dark roads and lush forests. The distance is about 130 Km from Mumbai and takes between 3 to 4 hours.


2. East Coast Boulevard:

The road connecting Chennai to Pondicherry, also known as the ‘East Coast Road’ is considered to be one of the most beautiful roads in India. During monsoon, you see curtains of rain cutting across the road on to the sea just beside. The ride is about 3 hours long along a scenic serpentine path.


3. When in Rajasthan:

 Connected to one of the most beautiful hill-stations in India, the road from Udaipur to Mount Abu presents a variety of landscapes and road networks enveloped by hills all around. During the monsoon, you follow the road from fort to fort or as far as you can see. The route is about 160 Km long and you can cover it in 4 hours.


4. From Mangalore to Karwar:

A landscape covered with long bridges and dark forests, the road from Mangalore to Karwar presents one of the most exciting rain-riding opportunities for any enthusiast. With smooth roads and frequent light drizzles, the route to Karwar is one of the safest and most breathtaking monsoon bike-rides that you could ask for. The distance from Mangalore to Karwar is about 270 km and takes about 5 hours to cover.


5. Hill Rains:

The shortest route on this list, the 54 Km stretch from Cherrapunji to Shillong is claimed by many to be the most beautiful biking route in the country. Being possibly the rainy place in the country,you only have the hills to guide you along.


While monsoon biking may be fun, it is always good to be safe and while we won’t forget our helmets, it is best to not forget to get our bike insurance online from insurance policy providers like Bharti AXA

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