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Save smartly while planning your next trip


Travel creates a unique excitement within you. Even if you are going to have a relaxing time, you cannot help but be excited about your trip. So, it is important to ensure that you do not let the excitement cost you a lot of money. Proper planning to curb your expenses of your trip will allow you to enjoy even more without having to worry about budget. One of the ways to ensure unwanted expenses is a smart travel insurance policy. However, here are a few tips that will help you save for your next trip.


Before you book your tickets, gather as much information as you can. Ensure that you have the best possible tickets based on pricing and convenience. Furthermore, ensure that you have opted for add-ons to travel insurance that can save you on trip cancellation and baggage loss.


Book you accommodation well in advance to ensure that they are not costly. Furthermore, you will be able to avoid the rush, and plan your itinerary better with proper rests. You should ensure that you select a balance of comfort, safety and cost when booking your stays.


You can find a number of tours that offer discount for couples, students, and families. Check for the best offer and compare them to get the perfect deal.

Smart luggage

You do not want to over-pack for travels as you may be on constant move. Furthermore, you should ensure that you have applied for travel insurance plans that offer loss of baggage claim, in case there is an unfortunate mix-up.

Travel Insurance Plans

You need to make sure that you have the perfect travel insurance policy based on your needs. Furthermore, you should also ensure that you select add-ons that may not be covered under your policy such as pre-existing coverage, trip cancellation, etc. It will ensure that you do not have to spend unexpected emergencies that cost a lot of money.

The above mentioned tips will allow you to save properly for your next trip. Get a customized travel insurance policy from Bharti AXA. You will be able to customize the policy based on your needs and select the add-ons that suit your itinerary. Furthermore, it will help you control the cost of premium on travel insurance plans.

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