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Here Is How You Can Save More Than Just Money By Saying No To Tobacco


World No Tobacco Day was conceptualized by the member states of World Health Organization (WHO) in 1987. In 1988, a resolution was passed to observe 31st May of every year as World No Tobacco Day. The day’s objective was to urge tobacco users to abstain from using tobacco products for 24 hours. It was hoped that this would offer succour to those who were trying to quit as well as create awareness about the ill-effects of using tobacco which is presently responsible for 7 million deaths each year worldwide. This includes 9 lakh deaths due to passive smoking.

There are approximately 12 crore smokers in India. Almost a million people die in India every year due to consuming tobacco. Apart from the obvious damage to health, consuming tobacco regularly also can take a toll on your wealth.

Even if an individual smokes 5 cigarettes a day, he would be spending around Rs 60 per day assuming Rs 12 per stick. This is equivalent to Rs 1800 per month. One also needs to keep in mind that cigarette prices have risen by 20% per year over the past four years. Let us assume that cigarette prices rise by a conservative rate of 8%.

Instead of spending Rs 1800 per month on cigarettes, if one is able to invest this amount and increase it by 8% every year and considering a CAGR of only 9%, one would be able to create a substantial corpus of Rs 69.23 lakhs over 30 years

Let us consider some compelling reasons to stop consuming tobacco:

Saving consistently and creating a corpus

As written earlier, one ends up losing out on the opportunity to invest and create a substantial corpus due to frittering money away on tobacco and related products. If one saves that money and invests it regularly, one can enjoy a better quality of life.

Low chances of getting cancer

Smoking tobacco products are responsible for nine out of ten lung cancer cases. Cancer can also be caused in other parts of the body such as bladder, blood, cervix, colon, oesophagus, liver, kidney, mouth, stomach etc. Tobacco comprises at least 70 chemicals which can cause cancer.

It is important to note that people who quit smoking reduce their chances of getting cancer by 30% to 50% after ten years.

Loved ones are protected

As written earlier, lakhs die around the world due to passive smoking. A third of those who are killed due to passive smoking are shockingly children. Studies have linked passive smoking to cancer, asthma, heart disease and respiratory ailments. Children from south-east Asia, which includes India, were among those who were highly exposed to passive smoking as compared to children from other regions.

Needless to say, cutting down on smoking reduces the chances of your loved ones suffering.

Save on medical expenses (especially for cancer treatment)

Cost of cancer treatment in India can go up to Rs 20 lakhs or even more. Many individuals are either under insured or not insured at all which may result in huge out of pocket expenses. In some cases, an individual would have marked himself as a non-consumer of tobacco to pay a lower premium. But he may suffer when diagnosed with cancer as the insurer may not cover the medical expenses if it detects that the individual had been a consumer of tobacco.

By avoiding the consumption of tobacco products, one can certainly save on medical expenses.

Save on insurance premium

When it comes to online insurance plans, smokers have to generally pay 1.5 to 2 times the premium paid by non-smokers. By being a non-smoker and by avoiding tobacco, one can save substantially on the health insurance premium

Be energetic and full of vitality

One may end up lagging in one’s professional life due to being a habitual smoker. Those who don’t consume tobacco are likelier to possess more stamina and vitality than those who smoke regularly.

Quitting consumption of tobacco isn’t easy but for the well-being of one’s loved ones and oneself, one must work towards it. However, one can easily secure one’s net worth by purchasing a comprehensive health insurance policy. By ensuring that critical illness cover is also purchased along with the policy, one can take advantage of comprehensive protection.


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