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Reasons why Chain Maintenance is Important

Reasons why Chain Maintenance is important for your bike

Rear wheel might be the showstopper when it comes to motion of a bike but chain maintenance is the reason why your rear wheel can perform. The chain is what drives the energy to move the vehicle forward, connecting the gear box to the rear end. Understandably, chain maintenance is one of the most crucial factors for a rider. Apart from coming handy in times of need, the knowledge of chain maintenance can help boost performance, improving your bike insurance cover.

You will find an endless supply of online portals that talk about why and how-to of chain maintenance. While understanding your machine is something every rider wants to do, your knowledge and experience of it could also help reduce the premium you pay for the two wheeler insurance policy. In this article, we will get into a few simple and easy steps to get you started. To begin with, you would want to keep ready a washcloth, a well-bristled brush, some lubricant (preferably choose gear oil that works best for your bike), and a pair of gloves if necessary.

Once you put the bike on center stand, take some time to inspect the chain. Check for deposits of grease and dust throughout the entire contraption. You want to thoroughly clean it with kerosene, using the brush to get the liquid into the little pockets that are otherwise hard to reach.

Follow this up with a thorough wipe down using the washcloth. Once you’ve managed to get most of the mucky grease off, you want to get the chain as clean as possible. A soft, fibrous cloth that can get into nooks and crannies of the equipment works best. The more efficiently you clean it, the better it is. Better the condition of your bike, safer you are on road. This also ensures a higher chance of your bike insurance claim being accepted, if and when required.

While some may argue that good old grease is the veteran of chain cleaning materials, fact also remains that it is an unfortunate magnet for dust. Grease, over time, tends to collect dust in the tiny little pockets of the chain, forming a mess that is as hard to clean as one can imagine. Naturally, it affects the vehicle’s overall performance due to the role the chain plays in the mechanism of the machine. And this is where buying the right lubricant for your bike comes into the picture.

You will find light, non-sticky lubricants to be the best. Not only do they do the job just as well, sometimes even better than normal grease. Light lubricants also stay on for longer and do not gather dust as frequently. In order to apply the lube, all you have to do is rotate the chain slowly while continuously applying lubricant from one angle, over the back wheel. You want to make sure the chain is well-oiled to keep the engine mechanism running smooth.

While riding on an endless road gives you a high that’s unmatched, there are some riders who would find the joy of bike maintenance almost just as exhilarating. Either way, knowing how to take care of the engine and mechanism of your bike is all part of being a responsible bike owner, the knowledge of which might even help you reduce the premium you pay on the two wheeler insurance policy!

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