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Simple Precautions To Keep In Mind During Bike Fuelling

How uncommon it is to miss out on the common! Have you ever paid attention to the consequences that can unfold during the very common act of fueling up your bike tank? You have to be extra careful when entering a space that could light up the moment your cellphone rings, or you throw a cigarette butt. Here are some of the not-so-difficult measures that could rely on to ensure a safe fueling:


Turn off the engine of your bike:

The first thing you should focus on while bike fueling is to turn off your engine and pull out the keys from the ignition to avoid accidentally turning on the engine. Although there have been hardly any major mishaps due to a running engine, it is advised to turn the engine off to avoid a fire in case of any spillage from the nozzle.


Do not smoke. Do not use a matchstick. Do not use a lighter:

As there are a lot of combustible items at the fuel station, it is advised to put away your cigarettes for after you exit the space. Lighting a matchstick or using a lighter is strictly prohibited at the station because even a small spark can create an inferno.


Switch off your Cell phone:

Radiation emissions from cell phones can heat up the device. If the device is close to the highly combustible petrol, there are chances of fire or even worse, an explosion. Therefore, always make sure you switch off your mobile phones before you enter the fuel station.


Teach your child about safety at a fuel station:

 Children can be often seen roaming around free, and so we need to teach them to not touch hazardous elements at a fuel station. One of the crucial steps is to avoid them running around as there is a threat of heavy vehicles passing by from the station. Also, children should be acquainted with the hazardous nature of fuel so that they are cautious around fuel.


Be wary of thefts:

At a fuel station, while you are away paying for your fuel or anything else, make sure you do not leave your bike unattended. Additionally, do not leave any belongings on your bike while you are away. This is a basic safety measure while traveling alone.



Other handy tips:

One must be careful while handling fuel. Do not carry additional fuel unless you are traveling a barren route, and even if you carry it, make sure you carry it safely. Besides this, there are chances of static electricity generated from your bike, for which you have to be mindful of discharging any static current to avoid electric sparks.


These useful tips can be a life saving at times. However, these precautions may not always be able to save you or your bike during times of desperation and unforeseen circumstances. We also suggest that you consider availing a bike insurance policy for extra protection. Bharti AXA now provides support for your hardy companion, your bike, through a bike Insurance policy that cover most financial obligations that may arise during disasters.

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