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Planning a Trip Abroad? Know How Travel Insurance Can Save the Day

Planning a Trip Abroad? Know How Travel Insurance Can Save the Day

Exploring your dream travel destinations is one of the most exciting things you will experience. You begin by researching about the things you can do and chart out your itinerary. You can either book your stay or just go with the flow once you are there. The most important thing though, irrespective of the travel destination is to get yourself a travel insurance.

Travel insurance covers unforeseen circumstances like theft, flight delays, medical emergencies, and cancellations as well as emergency assistance. It is a safety net that gives you the peace of mind you deserve while travelling.

How Can Travel Insurance Save The Day?

For this, let’s understand Sanjana’s thought process. She is travelling to her favourite travel destination and has thought about all the probabilities.

Scenario #1 - What If Her Boss Cancelled Her Leave?

Sanjana knows that she has already booked her mode of transport and stay. If her boss suddenly decides not to approve her leave for whatever reason, she might lose out on all the payments she has made, especially when it’s close to the date of departure. With a travel insurance policy, she can get a refund for the same, as she is covered for such an event.

Scenario #2 - What If She Faces a Medical Emergency?

Falling ill far from home is already a cumbersome process. You might not know the local language and getting the right medication can be quite draining. This is where your travel insurance agent can step in and help you claim the insurance. If you must stay in the same city till you recover, your travel insurance can cover for your expenses; alternatively, they can also fly you out to the best hospital if the current place you are staying in cannot treat you efficiently. For example: if you need to be transferred to another hospital for a blood transfusion.

Scenario #3 - What If Her Doctor Advises Her to Stay at Home?

Sanjana loves eating out and thought that if she ever faced food poisoning or fell too ill to travel, all the money she had already spent on her trip would be lost. Let’s take a situation where Sanjana has unfortunately fallen sick and is advised to stay home until recovery. This would lead her to losing the entire amount spent in bookings for her trip. She can file her travel insurance claim online in such a situation and recover her losses.

These are some ways in which travel insurance can save the day. Always buy one before you set out on your journey!

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