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Places To Stay In UK


Time to take that much-needed and well-deserved break and plan a holiday? If the United Kingdom is the place you have chosen for your next vacation, you couldn’t have chosen better. There is so much to see and do in this country that makes it the perfect travel destination no matter what kind of a getaway you are planning – a family vacation, romantic couple trip, a backpacking trip with buddies or solo travel.

Just like the variety of sightseeing attractions that UK offers, there is also a diverse and extensive range of options where you can book your stay in the UK. From classic B&B and English pubs, charming country lodges to pocket-friendly boutique hotels, the regular budget, premium and luxury hotel chains and some rather unusual choices, UK has it all.

Take a look at our top pick of the places to stay when visiting the UK.    

Stay at an English Pub in London

Britain is famous world over for its pub culture. So stepping into a couple of authentic English pubs for a drink and a bite with friends is definitely a must do when you are in UK. Now what if you could actually stay at the pub too? Surprised?

What a pub stay essentially is, is this – a quintessential British B&B (Bed & Breakfast) style accommodation offering all modern amenities and creature comforts with neat, clean and tastefully designed rooms.

Staying at a pub is like the best mix of a basic B&B and boutique hotel accommodation with the added advantage of tasting the best of traditional British cuisine. This is as close as it gets to living like a local. And since pubs are like cafes in UK, you find them everywhere you go. The one you select is sure to be conveniently located within easy reach of an underground, bus or railway station and some interesting places for sightseeing.    

If you are looking for accommodation in London, we suggest you skip the usual hotels and opt for experiencing a more authentic English pub stay instead. Give it a try. It is sure to be a memorable stay.

For city pub options in London, check out The Windmill, The Victoria, The Malt House and The Orange Tree. Just one thing though. A pub stay is more suitable if you are travelling to UK as a couple or going solo.

Rent a Cottage in the Country

No trip to UK is complete without exploring the English countryside. And what better than to authenticate the experience by living in a proper English country cottage with a pretty garden, that you can hire for a couple of days and have all to yourself. An especially great idea in the summer months.

Most cottages have a brick or stone exterior and are independent structures. Inside you will find fully furnished living, dining, bedrooms, bath, kitchen and maybe even a pantry and an outhouse. Most cottages will have an attached garden for sure. What is really enjoyable is finding classic features inside the cottage like a wood fireplace, an attic, bathtubs and a lounge area. When you travel to the Cotswolds, or to counties such as Kent, Suffolk and Norfolk, look out for such cottages on hire.  You can even search for them online and book your stay in advance.

Renting and staying in a cottage in the country is perfect when you are on a family vacation to UK.

If you are backpacking or travelling through UK on a tight budget, looking for good hostel accommodation can be a good option too as they are cheap, clean, provide decent amenities and are found across the UK.    

To find out more about Britain, recommendations on what to see and do, where to eat, best time of year to visit and other details for your trip, get hold of our handy Travel Guide for UK. Also find out about the UK Visa application process and allow ample time to apply and for the visa to be granted. And definitely get Travel Insurance for UK before you travel from India. Overseas travel insurance is essential to protect you from any unforeseen situations such as trip cancellation, loss of luggage or passport, or a medical emergency that could strike while travelling to a foreign country. That is why it is always advisable to stay covered with travel insurance.

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