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Places To Stay In Thailand


Thailand is a dream holiday destination for so many reasons - whether it is the fun of shopping in Bangkok or at the floating markets, visiting the Grand Palace and Buddhist temples, going upcountry to unwind in the hills and mountains of Chiang Mai, or for the country’s primary attraction – some of the best beaches and fabulous islands that you will find in this part of the world. 

Add to all this, some of the friendliest people you would have met on your travels and delicious local cuisine that you can’t have enough of. Little wonder then, that the Land of Smiles as it is also called quite aptly, attracts tourists from around the world in huge numbers. So if you are planning a trip to Thailand sometime soon, it is best that you plan your trip, zero in on the best places to stay and book your accommodation well in advance.   

When it comes to accommodation choices, you will find Thailand has something to suit every visitor’s preference and vacation style, from the top-end luxury hotels and seaside resorts to lovely boutique properties, villas, and good budget hotels.

Here are some wonderful places to stay that you are worth checking out when planning a trip to Thailand.    

Thai-style Resort and Spa, Koh Samui

If you are travelling to Thailand for an idyllic beach holiday, then beat the crowds of Pattaya and Phuket and head straight to the island of Koh Samui instead. The tropical paradise of Koh Samui is the second largest island in Thailand, characterised by dense forested hills and superb white sandy beaches, skirting the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

For an indulgent, luxurious stay at Koh Samui, choose the lovely Thai-style boutique hotel, Bo Phut Resort and Spa that is conveniently located just about 5 kms from Samui international airport and is right at the beachfront. You can choose to book a room or a villa. Both come with well appointed super spacious rooms, a private balcony and overlook the immaculately maintained resort grounds. When you’re not down at the beach, enjoy a pampering spa session, followed by a drink at the resort’s Beach Bar or by the pool then dine in style on excellent Thai dishes at the resort’s signature restaurant Sala Thai. What’s not to love about staying at a place like this!

Book a Homestay, Chiang Mai

The experience up north in Thailand is in complete contrast to the beaches down south. But a visit to explore the cool mountainous northern region which is more of backpacker country, with the opportunity to interact with the native hill tribes, is just as rewarding.

Chiang Mai is the largest city and has a rich cultural heritage. While there are five star hotels in Chiang Mai, we would recommend a homestay to get an authentic flavour of this part of Thailand. You can find beautiful homestays in Chiang Mai that are well maintained, with neat  modern amenities for a comfortable bed and breakfast stay. Choose from a traditional Thai home in the old city for a authentic rural homestay feel to a more elegant and contemporary set up like the one at Trigo’s house or the tastefully done Hidden Garden Home where you get a private room with private terrace and access to a large kitchen.         

When researching your accommodation options also look up our Travel Guide for Thailand to find out more about the country such as the best time of year to visit, the must try Thai dishes, top places to see and things to do in Thailand, and other travel related information. For help on getting your Thai visa done, our Visa Guide for Thailand could be useful.  

An important point to include in your to-do travel list, while planning a trip to Thailand, is to buy international travel insurance. After all you would not want to risk anything going wrong with that perfect vacation you have been so looking forward to. It is quite simple to get Travel Insurance for Thailand as you can even purchase it online at your convenience. Insuring your trip is an essential safeguard from unforeseen emergencies or mishaps such as losing your luggage or passport or even your trip getting cancelled. Any medical expenses that you incur during your trip can also be reimbursed if you have travel insurance. 

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