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Places To Stay In Malaysia


Planning a trip to Malaysia? Get ready to be awe-struck by tropical rainforests, pleasant hill stations, secluded islands, some of the best beaches this side of the world, thrilling water sports and highly advanced urban cities with a glitzy skyline of high rises and lots of fun attractions. Malaysia is a one-stop destination where you are guaranteed to have a great time.  

This multi-faceted country offers a variety of sightseeing attractions for you to explore along with many assorted accommodation options where you can book your stay. Whether it is the no-frills easy-on-the-wallet choices for backpackers and budget travellers to more sophisticated hotels suitable for families and couples or even some pretty adventurous alternatives, you have plenty to choose from when it comes to deciding where to stay in Malaysia.

Here are some of interesting places to stay that are well worth checking out when planning a trip to Malaysia.    

Check into a Beach Resort, Perhentian Islands

With a beach holiday being a must-do on your bucket list for Malaysia, choose to make it even more enjoyable by booking a beach resort instead of picking a hotel stay. If you are headed to the lovely Perhentian Islands off the northeast coast of Malaysia in the South China Sea, you will be welcomed by serene white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and amazing views of brilliant blue ocean waters stretching to the horizon.

The set of two islands Perhentian Besar (big) and Perhentian Kecil (small) draw families, couples and solo travellers who flock to these islands for blissful relaxation, the marine park and thrilling water sports such as kayaking, scuba diving and snorkelling among the colourful coral reef.

The Bubu Long Beach Resort is the only deluxe resort located right on the beach on Perhentian Kecil Island. You can have an indulgent beach stay here enjoying the resort facilities and amenities like the spa, fitness centre, a dedicated kids play area and a top class restaurant serving local delicacies and western cuisine. If you are the kind of traveller who does not like to be limited to the obvious things to do and prefers to try out different activities, the Bubu Long Beach Resort even organises jungle treks for you to experience the island beyond the beach.          

Live in a Homestay, Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is Malaysia’s largest tea and flower producing region. Rolling hills, lakes, forests, pretty blossoms, butterfly gardens, strawberry farms and carefully manicured tea plantations cover the Cameron Highlands as far as you can see. What a sight for the weary tourist after the frenzied sightseeing in big city KL and the thrilling adventure sports at the beaches and islands. 

For accommodation, Cameron Highlands offers colonial style luxury resorts, bed and breakfast, guesthouses, boutique hotels and more. But for a truly memorable stay we say live like a local and book a homestay to spend a couple of days in this delightful part of Malaysia. A good choice would be the Moonriver Lodge family homestay, a charming property with lovely rooms, garden bursting with flowers, hammocks, swimming pool and beautiful views of the lush green hills and mountains. They also have a vegetable garden and organise activities for their guests such as kitchen gardening as well as trekking in the countryside.

When researching your accommodation options in Malaysia also look up our Travel Guide for Malaysia to find out other details about the country such as the best time of year to visit, the must try Malay dishes and where you get the most authentic local food, top festivals  and other travel related information. For help on applying for and getting your Malaysian visa, our Visa Guide for Malaysia could be handy.  

Another important thing to include in your to-do list while planning a trip to Malaysia is buying international travel insurance. After all you would not want to risk anything going wrong with that perfect vacation you have been so looking forward to. It is quite simple to get Travel Insurance for Malaysia as you can even purchase it online at your convenience. Insuring your trip is an essential safeguard from unforeseen emergencies or mishaps ranging from your trip getting cancelled to losing your luggage or passport. Any medical expenses that you incur during your trip can also be reimbursed if you have travel insurance. 

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