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Places To See In USA


Have you decided on visiting USA for your next overseas vacation? The 50 states that make up the United States of America straddle a huge land mass from the Pacific west coast to the Atlantic east cost. There is so much to see and so many things to do in this vast country that it can be quite daunting deciding where to begin.

Going to the US at least once is something of a universally shared dream. So here is our guide to the top sightseeing places in USA. This is like an essential must-see list for USA, especially if this is going to be your first trip there.

New York City

Can any sightseeing travel guide for the United States be complete without a mention of New York City, or NYC as it is fashionably abbreviated to? New York is so synonymous with USA that many mistakenly even assume it to be the capital of the Unites States.

Political capital it may not be but the Big Apple is definitely regarded as the financial, cultural and fashion capital of the US. Tick off these renowned attractions for sure when you are in New York.   

  • Statue of Liberty – You will find this iconic monument on Liberty Island in the Manhattan area or borough of New York. Although you may have seen it countless times in movies, on TV or in photographs, the real-life sight of this famous symbol of freedom depicting the Roman Goddess Libertas will still leave you awe-struck.    
  • Times Square – This famous square is the epicentre of entertainment and action in NYC and a tourist hotspot. Times Square is characterised by its skyscrapers, huge attractive digital billboards and a slew of restaurants, shops and museums.
  • Empire State Building – Another most photographed building, the 1250-feet, 102-storey Empire State Building was once the tallest in the world. It is still regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. 
  • Broadway Theatre District – Walk around the Theatre District located in midtown Manhattan, lined with the famous Broadway theatres.



Walt Disney World, Florida 

If you are making a family trip to USA and travelling with children in particular, you cannot skip a visit to Walt Disney World, part of the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Kids and adults alike will be delighted to step into this magical world of Disney characters and creations. You can spend an entire day at Walt Disney World, exploring and enjoying as much as you possibly can of the four theme parks, two water parks, exciting rides, live shows, street parades and special events. Get set to shop, dine and be thoroughly entertained at the world’s most popular amusement park.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Along with sightseeing manmade wonders in the top cities of the US, be sure to include some of the spectacular natural wonders that this country offers in your travel bucket list. The Grand Canyon is the most well-known and incredible natural attraction in the United States. The steep rugged red rock formations carved over thousands of years by the Colorado River run for a length of 446 kms and measures about 29 kms in width. You can get some of the best views from Yaki Point and Mather Point on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park. The Park also has ample scope for camping, lodging and backcountry hiking. If you are in the US for a longish vacation, you should definitely experience some of these outdoor activities.      

Ready to plan your trip? Applying for your US Visa is something you should do months in advance as it can take a considerable amount of documentation and time. To know about rules and regulations regarding the visa application process, check out our Visa Guide for USA. While planning your trip to USA, make sure you purchase Travel Insurance for USA. After all it is one of the more expensive countries to visit and quite a distance from India so you wouldn’t want to take any travel risks. Getting overseas travel insurance for your trip to USA will allow you to enjoy moving about the country with total peace of mind.   

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