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Places To See In UK

The charm of the United Kingdom is evergreen and hard to beat. The home of internationally celebrated artists, authors, musicians, filmmakers, world famous cities, monuments, universities, and among the financially and technologically most advanced countries, UK ticks almost every box that you can think of!

To many a trip to the UK is synonymous with England, and more so London. But it is actually the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that you will be visiting - each place unique in its fascinating culture and customs. If you have a trip to UK on your mind, take a look at our pick of top sightseeing places ranging from the most popular to other wonderful places slightly off the regular tourist trail.

London, England

London, the capital of England and the mandatory first sightseeing pit stop for any visitor to the UK, is in fact many destinations rolled into one. You could actually spend your entire UK holiday just sightseeing in London and still not be able to do justice to everything it has to offer. A few of the must visit places during your time in London:

  • London Eye – Ride in one of the glass capsules on the giant London Eye Millennium Wheel for amazing views of London
  • Buckingham Palace – Witness the ceremonial Changing of the Guard at the official residence of Britain’s Royal Family
  • Madame Tussauds – Marvel at the life-like wax figures of your favourite film stars, movie characters, sports persons and others at the original Madame Tussauds 
  • Tower of London and Tower Bridge – See the famous Crown Jewels and learn the fascinating history of the Tower of London that was once a palace and prison, located on the banks of the Thames right next to another world famous London landmark, Tower Bridge, seen in countless movies
  • Westminster Abbey and Big Ben – Former has been the high profile venue for many royal weddings while the iconic Big Ben clock tower needs no introduction
  • National Portrait Gallery and Nelson’s Column at Trafalgar Square
  • Greenwich – Cruise down the Thames to Greenwich, time keeper to the world where GMT or Greenwich Mean Time originates, because of the Royal Observatory housing the Prime Meridian also known as 00 Longitude

The Cotswolds, England

To experience the best of the famed British countryside take a day trip by train from London to the Cotswolds. Stratford-Upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare is located in the Cotswolds. Spread across various counties like Somerset, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire, you can admire the towns and villages with pretty stone cottages and cobbled pathways either on foot or by cycling around, while stopping to savour hot buttered scones with a cup of English tea once you’ve worked up an appetite.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Many believe that the capital of Scotland is the most beautiful city in the UK. Edinburgh’s historic buildings are breathtakingly well-preserved and stunning in their architectural detail. The most awe-inspiring of these is the 13th century Edinburgh Castle, housing the Royal Palace and Scottish National War Memorial. After a fine dose of Scottish history you may like to head to Edinburgh’s Princes Street or Royal Mile in the Old Town area where you can enjoy some modern-day luxurious such as dining and shopping at the restaurants, cafes, boutique stores and art galleries. Royal Botanical Garden and National Gallery of Scotland are the other major attractions in Edinburgh.

Lake District National Park, England

If you can fit it into your UK trip itinerary, it is definitely worth spending a weekend at the Lake District National Park in northern England. In this super picturesque region you will be greeted by nature at its best. All around you can see emerald green mountain peaks nestling among them beautiful tranquil lakes with crystal clear waters, of which Lake Windermere and Ullswater are the largest and most well-known. Dotting the landscape are also small quaint villages that are a delight to explore. Book a cottage or hotel accommodation and spend a couple of days here paddle boating, hiking or simply soaking in the beauty of Lake District by going on long leisurely walks.

If you can’t wait to get started with sightseeing in UK, apply for your UK Visa well in time, go through our UK Travel Guide to know more and make sure you are securely covered for your trip with travel insurance for UK. Travel Insurance protects you against unforeseen circumstances which may occur in the future.