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A Perfect Guide On How To Maintain Your Two Wheeler This Monsoon


After months of scorching heat, the first drops of monsoon rain are among the most awaited moments for the Indian subcontinent. Even though the weather is enjoyed thoroughly, some things do require utmost attention as soon as monsoon is about to begin.

Just at the onset of monsoon, roads start to get messy, and it’s a story that’s true throughout the country. If you ride a bike, you will know the challenges that pop up during the monsoon season. The roads are slippery; there’s waterlogging and a greater chance of accidents.

Here’s a perfect guide on how to maintain your two-wheeler this monsoon.

1. Make Sure Your Bike is Properly Insured

Insurance is mandatory by law, but how much coverage and what type of coverage you want is your personal choice. It would be best if you get a two-wheeler insurance policy that covers a majority of damages and losses. Also, buying add-on covers like zero depreciation with the bike insurance policy helps safeguard expensive repairs.

With an add-on like zero depreciation cover, you don’t have to pay for parts that are counted under depreciation such as fibre, plastic, rubber and glass.

2. Get New Tyres

Tyres are an essential asset for a tw0-wheeler. Maintaining tyres is a vital practice throughout the year but becomes more critical during monsoon. The muddy and slippery roads due to heavy showers are a litmus test for the tyres. They assist in braking and provide enough grip to avoid accidents.

Ideally, tyres should be replaced every year and checked every couple of months for tread wear. If your bike’s tyres are in perfect shape, make sure to have them properly inflated for the monsoon. However, if there’s tread wear, replacing tyres is a wise thing to do. Tyres can make a huge difference and provide safety in the monsoon season.

3. Service the Brakes

Brakes are a wear and tear component that must be checked and replaced regularly to provide optimum safety. This practice is especially necessary before the onset of monsoon season.

Get the brake pads serviced, oil topped up in case of a disk brake, and the pedal tightened for maximum braking effectiveness. Brakes should have a good bite point so that the bike stops before applying too much pressure on the brake.

Never compromise on braking or tyres as they are the two most important safety factors in a two-wheeler.

4. Lubricate the Chain

Monsoon season is not a good time for your bike’s chain. It is more prone to rust during this season, which can shorten its life. To keep it to its optimum working efficiency, clean and lubricate the chain regularly.

It’s something that you can do by yourself and hardly takes more than a few minutes. However, be careful and make sure the engine is not running while going anywhere near the chain with your fingers. Also, the lubricated chain will protect it from getting rusted while improving your bike’s performance.

5. Ride Carefully

The best way to maintain your bike in top-condition is by riding carefully. If you’re vigilant while riding, you will ensure maximum protection for yourself and your bike. You can dress in brighter colours like yellow or orange to be more visible to others. A jacket or raincoat with reflective stripes during monsoon season helps others to notice bikers easily. Always wear a helmet and follow all traffic rules.

Always maintain adequate distance from the vehicle ahead of you. It will help give you more time to react in case of a mishap. You’re more likely to take control of the situation if you maintain distance because the rain will obstruct your vision. If you ride carefully, your bike is more likely to remain in good condition for longer.

Follow this guide to maintain optimum riding condition for your two-wheeler and protect it during the monsoon season. Do buy a two-wheeler insurance with maximum inclusions and don’t forget buying the required add-ons.

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