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NRI guide to choose best health insurance in India


Medical cost may be cheaper in a country such as India, but health insurance is still a must; especially, if you are an NRI planning to visit the country. Even though medical expenses and procedures may be cheaper, health insurance offers you many benefits. So, here are some essential factors that NRIs should know when they seek health insurance in India.

Factors NRIs should know when seeking Health Insurance in India
• Stay in India

The NRI’s stay validates their health insurance plan. So, if you are staying for a period less than one year then choosing global health insurance will be a wise decision.

• Eligibility

As an NRI, you are eligible to buy health insurance in India. However, you will need to provide proof of residence, income proof in India, and a few other related documents.

• Return plan

If you plan to return to India in less than a year, it is wise to continue with the health insurance that you bought in India.

• Geographical Restrictions &Clauses

There may be geographical restrictions to your health policy. So, it is always a good idea to ensure that you know them in advance or select a policy that has no restrictions.

• Income Tax Regulations

NRIs should pay for their health insurance from their NRE/NRO Account so that the claim amount can be expelled. As stated by FEMA, the payout can be expelled out of India, and the premium is paid in foreign currency. You can avail benefits of tax saving on health insurance as per section 80 D even as on NRI.

• Business Plan

Even if you are in the country for business or regular work visits, taking health insurance in India will provide you more benefits.

One of the best things for NRIs looking to buy a health insurance plan in India is that they can apply online. You will not need to deal with the hassle of going t branch multiple times. Instead, you can apply for the insurance from anywhere. Moreover, even if you have any queries or doubts, you can clear them through 24x7 customer support from Bharti AXA. Additionally, you claim support is also available throughout the day. Furthermore, Bharti AXA boasts a better claim settlement rate as they focus on the customer’s needs and comforts. Additionally, Bharti AXA allows you to customize your health insurance plan so you get your ideal plan as per your needs.

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