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No Driving License? Find out how to get a car insurance without it


It may seem odd to even inquire about car insurance if you do not have a valid driving license, first you get the one. However, there are certain scenarios due to which you may have to get car insurance without a license. So, what are the scenarios due to which you may need to get insurance for your car without even having a license.

Scenarios Where You Need Insurance Without License
  1. You own the car but you don’t drive:

    In this scenario, you may own the car but you don’t drive it. You may have bought the car for your spouse for him or her to drive. Alternatively, you may have a chauffeur to drive the car. Therefore, you may not have a license but it becomes important for you to get car insurance.

  2. You’re trying to get your license:

    In this scenario, you have cleared your driving test but have gotten a car in the meantime. It could either be a gift or you may have purchased, regardless, you will need insurance.

  3. You own a vintage automobile:

    You may have a vintage car that belonged to your grandfather or father. It could also be an old car which is been passed on from generations. You may not drive it but you will have to get insurance for the car.

  4. Drivers with suspended licenses:

    Your license or your driver’s license may have been suspended. It could be due to breaking traffic rules or nonpayment traffic fines. However, you will still need to ensure that your car is insured.

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