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The Necessary Add On Covers for Your Two-Wheeler Insurance

The Necessary Add On Covers for Your Two Wheeler Insurance

A reliable two wheeler insurance coverage is the first thing to have when you purchase a bike. But there is more to two wheeler insurance other than just basic protection and security for your vehicle. A basic insurance policy will only cover the financial damage value of your vehicle and will not cover any damage caused to the owner and is definitely not the best option.

So if you feel like your current two wheeler insurance policy is not going to offer you 100% coverage in the event of an unfortunate circumstance, it is time to add some necessary extra benefits when you buy two wheeler insurance policy. Here are some of the important add-on covers that you should incorporate in your two wheeler insurance for maximum coverage.

  1. Personal accident cover

Since bikes are not covered like other types of vehicles and yet run at almost the same speed, sometimes even faster, the risks of critical injury or even fatality is more. Wearing helmets have been made absolutely compulsory, but even then the possibility of mishaps cannot be completely abated.

Bike accidents cause the highest number of street accidents and death events as per the report in economic times dated 10 Jan 2018, which makes it needles to emphasize on why adding a cover for personal accident in your bike insurance plan is necessary. It covers your financial costs in case you meet with an accident and also offers a significant compensation to the family in case of death. The premium for this cover is slightly higher but the benefits reaped are unquestionable.

  1. Pillion rider cover

When a bike meets with an accident, the pillion rider is an equal risk as the rider.  As the owner of the bike it is your duty to assume responsibility of the pillion rider should an accident occur whilst riding pillion. The pillion rider insurance will cover the financial compensation for the one behind you.This is separate from the personal cover which is only for the owner-rider of the bike.

  1. Medical cost insurance and cashless hospitalization

As you very well know, your usual medical insurance will not cover you in case of an accident, which makes it imperative to  add a medical add-on cover when you renew two wheeler insurance.  The inevitably high medical treatment costs are a common phenomenon nowadays and so it is better to stay insured rather than being in a rough patch later on. Adding the clause of cashless hospitalization will further ensure that the medical bills do not burn a hole in your pocket at any point of time and the whole transaction is dealt between your insurer and the hospital straight away.

  1. Zero depreciation cover

For zero depreciation, make sure that the motor insurance policy covers the renewal or repair of any plastic, rubber or fiber spare parts that are ruined over the years of usage because of wear and tear.

  1. Roadside assistance cover

Roadside assistance cover will save you in case your two-wheeler breaks down in the middle of the road or you meet with any accident that damages the bike beyond immediate movement. The insurance company will then send personnel to fix the situation on spot or tow the bike away to the garage.

Most people get the insurance done to be on the right side of the law and not think of the actual safety and security it provides in times of need. But when it comes to things like vehicles, it is your own money, health and sometimes even a life at stake. So, investing in a comprehensive two wheeler insurance must be at the top of your priority list in order to ensure safety of your vehicle and you.

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