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Multiple Individual Health Insurance Policy V/S Single Family Floater Health Insurance Policy


Your loved ones are your biggest strength, and you make sure that they have the best possible lifestyle and healthcare. This is the reason why you take all the necessary steps and precautions to keep them safe from harm.

When you invest in comprehensive health coverage for your loved ones, you take a decisive step towards ensuring their safety against medical emergencies. Given that the security of your family is at stake; however, you may feel torn between opting for individual health insurance plans for them or getting them covered under a family floater health insurance plan.  To help you make the best choice, we have listed a few things you should consider.


Multi Individual Health insurance Plan

it is possible for your loved ones to fall into different age groups and have different health conditions and protection needs. Subsequently, you may decide to buy health insurance plans, separately for each one of them and yourself.

Individual health insurance plans can be purchased separately for each family member. In this case, the premium for each plan will vary according to each member’s age and individual health insurance plan coverage.

When you decide to buy an individual health insurance plan for each member of the family, you can avail of the following benefits:

  1. You can customize each health insurance plan as per the unique healthcare needs of an individual. For instance, when you buy a health plan for your wife, you may purchase the maternity rider benefit, while you could buy critical illness cover for your elderly parents or yourself.
  2. In case a claim is made towards the healthcare expenses of one member, the sum insured of other family members will remain intact

Overall, buying individual health plans may offer many advantages. At the same time, however, you must also consider the fact that managing multiple individual plans can be complicated for you. You will have to do everything from buying to the renewal of the policy, separately for each member. It may prove to be hassle-some for you. Also, purchasing individual plans for different members may cost you more overall as compared to a family floater plan.


Family Floater Health Insurance Plans

When you decide to buy a family floater health insurance plan, you can cover all the members under the same plan. For instance, you may cover both yourself and your spouse along with the children under one policy for which you will have to pay one single premium amount.

Most of the time, the premium of such a family floater health insurance plan is basis the eldest member covered in the policy. Opting for a family floater plan can be the right choice if you have little kids and when there is no specific family history of any hereditary health issue.

A family floater plan can be appropriate for all members under such circumstances as chances of all members falling ill during the same year are relatively low. However, if anyone in your family has any health-related history or a pre-existing medical condition, then it would be better to buy individual health cover for providing adequate insurance coverage.

If you are considering buying a family floater plan, then here are the benefits you can enjoy:

  1. The overall cost of a family floater plan is relatively less than as compared to multiple individual health insurance plans
  2. It is easy to manage one single plan than buying and renewing individual plans separately
  3. The floater plan can secure your entire family as it offers a more considerable sum insured


Assess Your Needs and Buy the Best Plan

Both individual and family floater plans have their fair share of benefits and considerations. Making the right choice requires that you first assess your family’s needs and then buy a specific plan.

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