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Multi-Trip Travel Insurance For Travellers

Frequent Travelers Keep Stress at Bay with Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Are you tired of buying Travel Insuranceagain and again for your frequent travels? Multi-Trip Travel Insurance is the answer to your question. This ensures that you do not have to buy Single-Trip Insurance Plans every time you’re on the go.

Why Buy Travel Insurance?

  • Business Travel often takes people on a tour of various cities and towns across the globe. Be it domestic or International Travel, Business Travelers run on a clock to finish their work in time in order to enhance their earnings in every way possible. This professional requirements takes them through frequent last minute travel Plans for their travels. While planning a trip is easier, preparing for the circumstances that may occur in the future can be a difficult task. This is where Travel Insurance can help you.
  • Travel Insurance may seem avoidable if you are in a hurry, given your busy schedules. But, having a Travel Insurance Plan is necessary. It provides you cover for almost all sorts of circumstances which may lead to any losses for the traveler, be it physical, mental or monetary
Travel Insurance for Flight Cancellation

  • Frequent Travelers, mainly Business Travelers, have a lot to lose when they get stuck up at airports due to flight delays or cancellations; Travel Insurance provides you cover against circumstantial losses that you incur because of such delays and cancellations.

Travel Insurance Plans provide compensation cover for delay or cancellation of flights, lost baggage and any other such potential losses that include medical emergencies.

Why should you Buy Multi-Trip Travel Insurance?
  • Business Travelers often look to buy Travel Insurance Online. However, last minute bookings and the hassles that come along with such impromptu plans makes you forget to buy Travel Insurance. This is where purchasing Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan can prove to be your savior.


  • Multi-Trip Travel Insurance offers you cover for all your domestic and international trips for leisure or business for a Pre-Fixed period.
  • Each Insurance provider offers its own Travel Insurance Plan.
  • Multi-Trip Insurance Plans are available for a validity of 6-12 months.
  • The broad scope of Travel makes it feasible for frequent travelers to enjoy the benefits covered under this Plan
  • Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan is more pocket-friendly Single-Trip Travel Plans. If you are a frequent traveler, then this Plan is a boon for you as you do not need to buy a Travel Insurance every time you travel.
  • Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan saves time and money and most essential guarantees peace of mind.

Whether it is a Pre-Planned or a last minute travel, Multi-Trip Insurance Plan is useful in all trips, during the period of the Plan. Various Insurance Companies offer Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plans, and one such reputed Insurer is Bharti AXA. While Family trips are usually Pre-Planned, buying Insurance isnot on the checklist. Most prefer to take such Insurance only to cover medical expenses during the trip, but these Plans have more benefits to them than that.

Why Buy Multi-Trip Travel Insurance for Family?

  • Multi-Trip Travel Insurance for Family brings you cost savings compared to buying Individual Single-Trip Plans for the entire family
  • Multi-Trip Insurance Plan for family allows you to rest assured while on vacation, not needing to keep track of the multiple Insurance policies taken for each Family member
  • One Multi-trip Travel Insurance Plan for the entire family provides cover for numerous trips in India and abroad, compensation for loss of baggage and essential documents such as passport, loss due to delay or cancellation of flights and medical exigencies. This Plan saves cost.

Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plan is ideal for both Individuals and Families.

Activities Covered in Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Policy:
  • Multi-Trip Travel Insurance brings a hassle-free approach to traveling for all.
  • With no need to track multiple Travel Insurance Policies and frequent filling of forms or missing out on such vital benefits that come as cover for the losses you may bear, it is an ideal way to travel safely without worries.
  • This Plan covers all sorts of sporting activities that you may want to indulge in during your trip. While the Single-Trip Travel Insurance Plan provides cover for popular sporting activities available in the area of intended Travel, a Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Policy offers you the freedom of enrolling in your favorite sports on your Travels without being concerned about the lack of Insurance cover for any particular sport.
  • Covers for losses incurred due to stolen or lost baggage, flight delays or broken bags on your Travels.
  • Buying a Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Policy gets you to Claim compensation for delays and cancellations of flights and for a broken handle of your bag too.
Key Points of a Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Policy:

Select an Insurance Company which offers you the facility to buy Travel Insurance Online to expedite the process and reduce the hassles when purchasing Travel Insurance on short notice. Bharti AXA is one such Insurance Company that offers an Online subscription for its Insurance Plans.

  • Choose the Travel Insurance Plan that suits your needs and offers coverage for the areas you require the most.
  • Categorize the Plans by Multi-Trip Travel Insurance for Individual and Families before selecting the best available Plan.


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