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Long Term Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy
Date: 13 Feb 2017

With the new product, customers need not renew their two wheeler insurance for up to 3 years

Long term two wheeler insurance
Date: 12 Feb 2017

Any Insurance policy today is like your website or a domain. If you do not renew it on time, poof! Gone! And when you have to do all the drama to buy it back, then you end up paying much more than you paid for the original.


New Honda City to Arrive in India on 14th Feb: All you need to know!
Date: 10 Feb 2017

This Valentine’s Day, fall in love all over again - with the new Honda City!

Yes, you read that right!

And why not? After all, Honda’s most cherished car is getting a complete makeover and is set to launch on the said date.

Why the buzz around it? What are the sweet surprises that you can expect from this beauty? Without further ado, let’s find out.


Date: 01 Dec 2016

2015 in the digital landscape was about words like branded content and wearable technology. A year later, while these words have already become a part of our everyday digital lexicon, there are a few more buzzwords that would go on to change the digital landscape for marketers and brands alike this year.


Date: 01 Dec 2016

A lot of people think that sharing information directly with the insurance company will lead to their data getting leaked. In fact, as per an Information Commission Office (ICO) Annual Track survey data, nearly 85 % people believe that the details they give to insurance companies will be passed on to other organisations.

Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal To Continue Its Benefits
Date: 24 Jun 2016

How To Do Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal To Continue Its Benefits?