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Mistakes to Avoid When Filing Third-Party Insurance Claim


Filing a two-wheeler claim may appear to be straight-forward, but the process could get tricky when in the middle of things. A mistake in the claim can lead to rejection by the insurer. Here are few tips to ensure that you do not make any mistakes while filing a third-party insurance claim:


1.   Do not panic

When you are in the middle of an accident, it is understandable that you would be under a lot of stress. But you need to maintain your cool to ensure that the situation does not spiral out of control. Take a deep breath and focus on what to next rather than worrying about what has happened. Arguing with the other party involved in the accident is not going to be helpful. That is not to say that take all the blame on yourself, instead focus on recording facts as that would help you with the insurance claim process.


2.   Do not flee the scene of the accident

When you are involved in an accident, it is natural for your fight-or-flight response to be triggered. Nevertheless, you should rein it in, and stay at the scene of the accident. Prioritize getting medical attention over everything else – and check to make sure that if anyone needs immediate help, it can be arranged for. Remember, being involved in an accident is okay – but hit and run is not.


3.   Call the police

Make sure that you call the police as soon as reasonable. You should do it from the site of the accident itself. Keep in mind that not informing the police on a road mishap is illegal. Also, a copy of the FIR is must for filing insurance claim for any damages sustained in the accident.


4.   Do not sign any release without legal advice

When you are filing a third-party insurance claim, it would be against the insurance the other party holds. They may offer you a settlement based on their first estimate. Do not agree to this without proper legal advice from your insurer. It is okay to accept this only if you believe that the first estimate of the damage is accurate and will not change.


5.   Do not miss any post-accident formalities

When filing a third-party insurance claim, you would have to complete a few post-accident formalities as well. The insurer would help you with the timelines for these formalities. Make sure that you do not miss any of the deadlines as that can make getting your claim accepted difficult.


Further, it goes without saying that you should not drive when under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants. Do not use a personal vehicle for commercial purposes, as these could also lead to insurance claims being rejected.

Third-party insurance claim settlement may take a bit longer than getting an own-damage claim settled. But make sure that you follow the process and you would get through it without much hassle. Remember that your insurer would help you through any tribunal hearings related to the claim. Ensure that you do not make any misrepresentation in the claim form, as that can lead to rejection.


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