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Maldives Solo Trip


Contrary to popular opinion, the Maldives should definitely be on your bucket list for solo travellers. While there may be many who raise their eyebrows for travelling solo to a destination well-known as a romantic hotspot for honeymooners and loved up couples, we beg to differ. When a place is as beautiful as the Maldives with so much adventure awaiting you that there is never a dull moment, who needs a travel partner!        

Many who travel solo vouch for it to a life-changing and highly rewarding experience. The perks of travelling solo are many, from not compromising on your bucket list due to a travel partner who may not always share your interests, to meeting like-minded fellow travellers and making new friends.  

Read on for tips on how to prepare, plan and what to expect on your solo trip to the breathtakingly gorgeous collection of islands that make up the Maldives.

Getting Around the Maldives Solo  

The first great news is that there is no lengthy visa application process for the Maldives. All you require is a valid passport, your return flight tickets, proof of hotel reservation in the Maldives and sufficient funds. It is that simple.       

Your port of arrival in the Maldives will be Velana International Airport that is built on Hulhule Island. Note that the capital city Male, is on the adjacent island and not on Hulhule or airport island.  

The Maldives is a chain of 26 atolls consisting of more than a 1000 coral islands of which less than 200 are inhabited. Depending on the proximity of the resort island where you book your stay, you will need to use the ferry or seaplane service that is available just as you step out of the airport.  

Things to Do For Solo Travellers in the Maldives

  • Take a Maldives day tour from Hulhumale Island where you get to go island hopping, snorkelling and dolphin watching along with the company of fellow travellers from all over the world. 


  • Discover local life on Himmafushi Island – walk around the markets, shop for gifts and souvenirs, go fishing and also try some delicious authentic Maldivian food. The food culture of the Maldives is a unique blend of the many global cultural influences over the centuries along with the indigenous ethnic cuisine, with a lot of emphasis on the use of fresh seafood and locally grown tropical fruits and vegetables.


  • Enjoy a suite of thrilling water sports. After all there is no better place than this tropical paradise to go swimming, scuba diving, snorkelling or taking a glass bottomed boat ride to marvel at the wonders of the colourful corals and myriad varieties of reef fish, giant manta rays and harmless black tip reef sharks. If speed is your thing, jet skiing and surfing are also very popular activities in the Maldives.


  • The Maldives spells luxury and indulgence. And when you are on a solo trip to the Maldives, you need no better excuse to pamper yourself with an exotic spa treatment at the resort where you are staying. 

Secure Your Solo Trip to the Maldives

While it goes without saying that one should always be cautious, stay alert and take care of their belongings when travelling solo, it is best not to leave anything to chance. Purchasing travel insurance for Maldives is essential to secure your solo trip to these islands. So make sure you don’t leave for your trip without it. Your travel insurance policy should be part of your solo travel planning and preparedness because it will act as your most important backup to cover you in case of any mishap or unforeseen emergency such as an accident, theft or if something happens to your luggage or even your passport.

A solo trip to the Maldives can be great fun and the experience of a lifetime. Stay safe, enjoy your solo adventures in the Maldives and don’t miss out on savouring authentic Maldivian dishes  that are a total sensory delight with an explosion of fresh and distinct flavours.

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