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Making Every Journey Count with Overseas Travel Insurance

Making Every Journey Count with Overseas Travel Insurance

Planning a vacation overseas is a fascinating multi-layered process. From selecting your travel destination to planning the travel and accommodation, running around for visas, shopping for the trip and prepping up for the entire experience of exploring a foreign land – there’s a lot of energy and time investment involved in planning trips abroad.

The fact that you have to fly miles away from your home also calls for some preparation to ensure that unforeseen situations will be taken care of. Whether you may require medical assistance or even financial aid in case of some other emergency, you should be ready for it all. Buying a travel insurance policy is one of the best ways to be prepared for your trip with a shield of protection and stability.

Benefits during the journey and before your tour begins.

A travel insurance plan not only shields you from worrisome situations on tour but also ensures your comfort and convenience from much before. Depending upon your plan, a travel insurance policy can also financially cover you for trip cancellations or interruptions due to medical emergencies, delay in trip due to external unavoidable causes as well as travel glitches like missed flight connections and emergency accommodations.

Another plus point is the assurance of your home being taken care of while you travel abroad. Any loss or damage caused to your home back in India, while you are travelling overseas, can also be covered and compensated under your travel insurance plan.

Benefits of travel insurance while on trip

If you are setting out for a vacation, it is essential that you can relax, explore and enjoy. For the emotional and monetary investment that you make in planning your trip, your trip ought to give you the joy back. Travel insurance policies are designed specifically to guarantee the same. Not having to worry about emergency situations and being assured of local help as well as financial compensation in case of a medical emergency can add to your peace of mind during the trip. Additionally, your travel insurance policy also lets you avail medical, accidental allowances, covers you for loss of baggage and secures you in case of theft of your visa/passport or other critical documents.  

Select a Bharti AXA travel Insurance coverage and reap the benefits with a happy and stress-free trip overseas. 

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