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Make a Car Theft Claim by Following These 5 Steps


When you own a car, parking it becomes the biggest hurdle for you. Wherever you go - a restaurant, pub or anywhere else, one thing always bothers you: What if my car gets stolen?

Car Thefts in India

According to the latest data from Delhi police, 15,35,938 vehicles have been stolen in Delhi i.e. 125 per day in 2018. The figure for the same period in 2017 was 32,239 I.e. 111 per day. This shows a sharp 12.6% jump in such cases. Among these, around 7% of the cars have been stolen from parking spaces and around 5% from religious places.

But don’t worry, your comprehensive car insurance policy covers all the man-made calamities among which theft is a major one. All you need to do is make an effective claim. Let’s see how to file a claim:

Here are 5 steps to make a car theft claim

1. The first step- FIR Filing

When you come to know that your car is stolen, the first thing you should do is head to the nearest relevant police station and lodge a complaint of the stolen car. This is called a first information report (FIR). Never miss this step if you want to get a claim for your stolen car. It is the foundation of the claim process.

2. Let Your Insurer Know About the Incident

After FIR. The next step for your claim is getting in touch with your insurer. Let the insurer know about the incident as insurance companies also have their processes to raise the request. You must do this at the earliest once the FIR is filed.

3. Inform the RTO

By law, you are expected to inform the Road Transport Office (RTO) about the theft. Unless you inform, you would not be able to furnish the transfer papers which is indeed an important document in this process. So, notify RTO at the earliest.

4. Start collecting documents for your Car Theft claim

After informing all the above departments, it’s time to get ready to file your claim. Collect all the necessary documents for your claim and submit them along with the duly filled claim form to the insurance company. Every claim requires a different set of documents. Make sure that you populate the entire set of document which will help you to settle your claim quickly.

5. Collect no-trace report From Police

To file a successful car theft claim, the no-trace report is a must. This is the stated document from the police saying that the vehicle cannot be located. Remember, the police force takes around a month post the incident to generate this report.

So now you have raised your claim in the right way. Post no trace report insurance company takes around 90 days to furnish your IDV that is insured declared value. Though the process is bit lengthy and tedious, don’t fear. An Insurer such as Bharti AXA GI will have a helpful team of executives to guide you. The complete process takes around 3-5 months to settle down your claim.

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