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Maintenance Tips - Know How to Protect your Motorcycle's Paint

Top 3 Maintenance Tips for Bikers-Safeguard the Bike Insurance

Every rider knows the importance of maintaining his bike. It not only ensures good on-road performance but also affects your two wheeler insurance policy cover. Be it the engine of your bike, its tyres or even the paint! Yes, the outer cover of the two wheeler is just as important as the engine.

If not maintained well and cleaned on a regular basis, there is a good chance that the gathered dust over time could lead to scratches, rust and even chipping. A deteriorated outer cover will not be as effective in protecting the machine even in minor accidents. This obviously affects your bike insurance premium because that increases chances of the insurer having to pay more money. Fortunately, though, there are a few simple tips to follow that will ensure the bike paint is maintained in the best possible condition.

  • Get the washcloth out more often

The simple process of wiping the bike daily and washing it frequently, prevents the collection of dust and cleaning off the gathered muck from your previous ride. A bike that’s clean on the surface is always a pleasure to ride. You sure don’t want to start your day on a dusty vehicle. More importantly, it protects the paint job well enough to ensure your two wheeler insurance policy is still effective.

  • Keep it waxed, keep it well

A well-polished metal surface is more than just about the sheen. Apart from making it look squeaky clean, the wax also keeps dust at bay. That additional protective layer makes cleaning the muck off that much easier. Be it in the city or on a road trip, the bike is frequently exposed to harsh conditions like pollution, extreme weather and even chemicals. A well-waxed metal surface ensures your bike is safe from the lesser known damages it might endure.

  • Scratch-free translates to well-maintained

A tiny scratch might not seem as bad as a dent on the metal surface. Maintaining a smooth surface is about more than just the look of the bike. Granted, scratches on the bike are sometimes inevitable. But what happens when it’s ignored over a long period? Well, apart from looking unappealing, the exposed metal becomes more susceptible to future damage. Left unattended for a long time, it can mean rust, and further damage that can affect the body of the bike. All these are reasons enough to affect your bike insurance premium and the financial cover it provides.

You can always make a claim on the bike insurance for the damage. But most two wheeler insurance policies do not cover for damage due to negligence. Owning that swanky new mean machine is a lot more than being the neighbor’s envy. As a responsible bike owner, you would want to ensure it is in the best possible condition.

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