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Learn Why Cashless Health Insurance Plans Are Crucial If You Are Living on A Tight Budget


Most of you live on a tight budget, where your monthly income proves to be enough in meeting all your necessary expenses. But you know that given the uncertainties, it is vital to have something that you can fall back upon. That is why you consider buying insurance to keep your loved ones, and yourself secure, amidst the vicissitudes of life.

In today’s time, medical care and treatment, especially, have become very expensive. That is why the mere thought of meeting with any medical situation scares you. Moreover, with a simultaneous rise in the prevalence of various non-communicable and lifestyle diseases, the need to keep your loved ones and yourself secured against such challenges is even more.

So, if you’ve just started a family and wish to secure your family against various health challenges, then buy a health insurance plan without any delay. We at Bharti AXA General Insurance offer a wide choice in terms of the sum assured offered, with comprehensive covers starting at Rs.14/day.*


Cashless Hospitalization


There are two ways in which insurers pay you against your policy at a time when you’re faced with any medical costs. They either offer you the benefit of cashless hospitalisation or reimbursement. Although both cover you financially, the kind of support provided by cashless hospitalisation is most reassuring at that crucial time.

In case of cashless hospitalisation, the insurer directly pays off all the expenses which are covered under the plan, during your stay at the hospital. In such a situation, when you’re able to avail this insurance benefit, you feel a significant share of your worries is being taken care of. This ensures that you don’t have to dig into your savings and hard-earned money during emergencies. Moreover, this also puts you and your family at ease, giving some peace of mind during such distressful moments.


How does it work?

Most insurance companies have a network of hospitals which are covered under their policy plans. So, firstly it is crucial to know whether the concerned hospital you’re going to, is present in the network of hospitals or not. For this purpose, you should check the list of Third-Party Administrators (TPA) present in the cashless mediclaim policy. So, if the preferred hospital is present in the insurer’s network, you can avail the cashless health insurance option.

Upon admission, you will be required to show your health insurance card along with filling a pre-authorization form. Even your doctor will be needed to fill specific details to verify the details provided. This form is then sent to the TPA department of the hospital for sanction. Once it is successfully verified, the hospital receives approval for treatment. It is then that you can get complete medical treatment without making any payment towards the same.

Therefore, in such a case, the insurer enters in direct negotiation with the hospital and pays off all your medical bills, taking the great worry off your mind.


Benefits of Cashless Health Insurance

As a result of the numerous benefits offered by cashless health insurance, these have become a popular insurance option for many people. Some significant advantages offered by such a policy are as follows:

Reduces financial burden

Extremely useful in emergencies, cashless insurance will ensure that you don’t have to run from pillar to post to arrange funds for getting the treatment started. You just need to show your insurance card and wait for further sanction, which is usually very quick in most cases.

Provides coverage during travel

This policy can especially be a great saviour for you if you meet with a medical emergency while travelling. You may not have acquaintances to help you out. In such a case, you may visit any of the hospitals to avail cashless hospitalisation.

Peace of mind

Another significant benefit of cashless insurance is that it offers you peace of mind during tough medical situations. You will be able to receive quality treatment without worrying about paying medical bills.

Wide coverage

Cashless insurance plans offer coverage for both, pre and post-hospitalisation expenses, inpatient care, ambulance charges, domiciliary treatment, besides many others. In terms of the network of hospitals, Bharti AXA General Insurance offers cashless hospitalisation at 4500+ hospitals, meaning you can enjoy cashless hospitalisation at numerous hospitals.

Also, insurance plans vary from provider to provider, so you may compare numerous programs and opt for one that is best suitable for your needs.

Tax benefits

By taking this policy, you will also be able to avail tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. You will get exemption up to a limit of Rs.10,000 if you’re below 60 years of age, and that of Rs.15,000 if you’re a senior citizen.

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