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Learn How You Can Buy Two Wheeler Insurance On WhatsApp


Till now, purchasing two-wheeler insurance was cumbersome to say the least - pull yourself out of bed and visit outlets around your location in the blistering heat, collect paperwork or stumble with the surplus of choices available online. But what if buying two wheeler insurance was as simple as sending a WhatsApp message? Imagine, being able to condense the entire process of communicating with the insurance provider, sending them the necessary documents, negotiating the premiums and other aspects into a simple series of WhatsApp messages!

In association with the company WishFin, Bharti AXA has officially launched WhatsApp insurance. This move completely transforms the process of buying a bike insurance policy. It can also help in enhancing the customer experience associated with the purchase of insurance, while also helping you explore options that are perfectly fit for your personal needs.

Gone are the days of slow, mass-produced websites that are impersonal and often come with the pre-requisite of understanding the ways of the digital world. Now, insurance can be made simple and cohesive enough to fit within the palm of your hand.

With WhatsApp Insurance, customer service and purchase of insurance products becomes one and the same! Direct, simple and fast – this form of insurance purchase is built for the current generation that demands speed over complexity.

The new process of WhatsApp Insurance offers exactly this level of convenience and efficiency. Read about how you can buy or renew your two wheeler insurance policy through Whatsapp.

  • Give a missed call to the following number - 8527844822
  • Once this process is completed, you will be included into a two-person WhatsApp group, with the other individual in this case being the insurance provider
  • In this group, you will need to answer a few personal questions that will inform the insurance provider about the basic details regarding your vehicle as well as your identity. You can expect both personal as well as professional questions to be asked in this case
  • Once you answer these questions, you have successful submitted your application
  • All you need to do now is wait until you are further intimated about the insurance policy that you have applied for

Being a medium of communication that is known for the ease and convenience that it offers to individuals, WhatsApp is the perfect way to make the purchase of insurance policies simple and efficient. In the realm of such a medium, one can establish a direct connection with the insurance provider, thereby also gaining increased clarity in the process along with the comfort that is inherent in using the messaging platform. What’s more? WhatsApp also makes insurance purchase into an extremely personalized affair, thereby also offering increased customizability in terms of the type of policy that you purchase for your bike.

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