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Learn About The New Bike Technologies


Bike technology is fascinating since the technology has grown so much since its inception. One could not even imagine that the bike was invented and facilitated by the invention of the wheel. So much more has been achieved since the time bikes were invested. The bike technology has been ever-growing and many new designs can be named till date.

For anyone interested in bikes and the various technological advances happening in the industry, it is essential to be updated by the multiple changes and innovations taking place. It is necessary to know about the several new models coming up in the market every now and then.

Some of the Latest Innovations in Bike Technology

Here are some examples of new bike technology which is revolutionising bike technology and the industry:


Several innovations are happening in the gearing of bikes. The new bike technology has high inputs from Shimano and SRAM. SRAM needs to be credited for several changes that are introduced in the bike because of it.

Disk Brakes

Several other vehicles use disk brakes, but the bike technology took a while to accept it in their framework. The new bike technology has adapted disk brakes for the road-oriented bikes and this has become possible with the introduction of SRAM.

Electronic Shifting

Electronic shifting has been introduced for a long time but has not been fully developed yet. Shimano introduced the best form of an electronic shift in the new bike technology. It makes the bike work exactly the bicycle which is smoother but with gear. This makes the working of a bike much more fluid and comfortable

Anti-Lock Braking System

This was first introduced by General Motors and is seen in the most prominent of the cars that run the roads these days. Having these bikes has changed the bike technology landscape entirely. This not only secures the rider but also ensures a long life for the bike as well. The new bike technology here helps the passenger to enjoy a smooth ride without worrying about accidents

Slipper Clutch

The slipper clutch is another one of the new bike technologies, which has made a significant impact on the recent bike technologies. Slipper clutch has made riding a bike an experience that no bike lover wants to miss out on. It provides a robust technical system which secures the bike as well as the rider and provides a smooth ride for the same


Several prominent cars have airbags in them for a very long time. The introduction of the same in bikes has been revolutionary. It is incredible how the introduction of airbags has secured the life of the riders in the times of accidents. This new bike technology has been really appreciated by passengers and technicians all over the world.

All of these new bike technology has helped mark a new benchmark in the bike technology revolution and has motivated technicians to keep working on introducing new innovations in the field. This will improve the experience of the riders to a great extent.

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