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Learn About Emergency Assistance Program In Your Bike Insurance


Travelling can always be risky and accidents are unpredictable. It would be really difficult if you could not afford appropriate medical care and automobile assistance at the time of an accident. Two-wheeler insurance policies can solve this problem for most people. With everything going online now, you can also apply for your bike insurance online. Several banks offer online bike applications to make it easier for their customers to avail the same.


Two-wheeler insurance policies have emergency assistance cover which covers all major and minor emergency situations you might face. A breakdown emergency assistance cover covers the following situations for the vehicle owner


Towing services:

 In the case of a major breakdown, the emergency assistance program provides towing service to you. The insurance company makes sure your vehicle is picked up from the place of breakdown to a service centre near your location

Accommodation cover:

 If a major breakdown occurs beyond 100 kilometres of your residence address the insurance company covers your accommodation cost for one day

Minor repairs:

Your emergency assistance cover includes the minor repairs that might come up every once in a while.

Flat tyre:

In case you get a flat tyre in transit, the emergency assistance cover will arrange for a tyre replacement for you and assist you with replacing the same.

Spare Key Arrangement:

 If you lose your key or it gets stolen, the insurance policy covers the cost of replacing the key. The company also arranges to bring the key to you if you are far away from your residential address

Refuelling your vehicle:

In case your vehicle runs out of fuel in the middle of the road, your insurance company arranges an emergency refuel. This is very beneficial when the insurance owner is away from familiar areas and has no knowledge about fuel stations near their location.

Recharging Battery:

 If your vehicle breaks down due to the battery of the vehicle running out, the company makes sure to arrange for suitable arrangements to recharge the vehicle’s battery and get your vehicle started


Prompt assistance:

In case of a major accident, the company makes sure all the occupants in the vehicle are transported to a single destination within 40 kilometres of the location of the accident. This is the taxi service of the insurance company which is provided to the emergency assistance cover owners.

Legal assistance:

Two-wheeler insurance policy owners can avail free legal expert advice from the legal advisors at the company. This helps the owners to get the most important services in one place.

Minor breakdowns assistance over calls:

 With the emergency assistance cover you can get basic assistance over the phone. The company’s experts can assist you over the call to fix the minor breakdowns so that you can at least take the vehicle to a garage near your location


With several benefits of having emergency assistance cover, it is mandatory to have bike insurance in today’s times. So why wait? Contact Bharti AXA to get your insurance policy or apply for bike insurance online now.

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