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Know About Risks Of Avoiding Travel Insurance


Travelling to foreign lands is something everyone aspires to do at least once in their lifetime. Some people want to tread unknown lands, some dream of clicking selfies against the most historical marvels of architectural wonder, while others may want to do both. Whichever group you may belong to, travelling to foreign lands is a fun-filled adventure.

The perfect vacation does exist, and millions of people turn it into a reality every year. If you too are fascinated by the idea of visiting Eiffel Tower or backpacking through Iceland or getting soaked in the mesmerising beauty of Japan – there is one thing you should know by all means.

Travel insurance is that one thing you need to consider. It is something most travellers don’t take seriously because of the dream that awaits them. However, avoiding travel insurance is highly risky – read on to know more.

1. Loss of Baggage, Passport or Documents

You’re travelling to a foreign country for the first time and imagine landing in a situation where your baggage is lost or stolen from the airport. It’s entirely possible and happens on a much larger scale regularly. With travel insurance, you will be compensated for the loss incurred in this situation.

Similarly, loss of passport or documents can be one of the worst situations one can get into while travelling in a foreign country. Having a travel insurance policy will reimburse the actual expenses incurred in issuing a duplicate or fresh passport.

2. Medical Expenses

No one wants to fall sick, let alone on a lifetime trip to a foreign country. It will not only ruin the trip, but the medical expenses incurred abroad are soaring high. Without a travel insurance policy, you will pay all medical expenses in case you fall sick.

Having travel insurance will be the best help in hand in case you fall sick in a different country. A policy will ensure that you get the best medical attention abroad and that your medical bills are covered.

3. Trip Cancellation or Interruption

It is a common occurring nowadays, and many trips get cancelled or interrupted for many reasons. Imagine you’ve already booked your tickets, hotels, paid everything in advance – and the trip gets cancelled. Investing so much in your dream and losing it can be highly disappointing.

A travel insurance policy protects you against any such cancellations. Be it the airline’s fault or even a personal problem – a cancelled trip is covered by the policy. Not having a travel insurance policy puts you at risk of losing money on the trip, if it gets cancelled.

4. Home Fire Insurance

Leaving your home vacant for a few weeks when travelling abroad is a common practice. However, in your absence, there can be mishaps to your home that you need to take care of in advance.

In case of any loss or damage to your home back in India, travel insurance will compensate it as per the policy.

Apart from the risks mentioned above that a travel insurance policy covers, there are others including:

  • Legal expenses, in case of claims towards third-party liabilities because of death or injury
  • Emergency accommodation, in case of natural disasters
  • Hijack distress allowance

A travel insurance policy is a must when travelling internationally. It safeguards so much that it is one of the most critical things you should buy. Bharti AXA GI believes in making your foreign trip memorable and free from worries. It has active in over 130 countries globally and work towards securing your trip wherever you go. There’s also 24/7 Bharti Assist Global helpline, so you can contact anytime and anywhere.

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