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Know the Schengen Countries and the Need of a Travel Insurance

Getting Travel Insurance for Schengen Countries

Schengen countries are a group of 26 European countries which come under the same travel visa umbrella. This comes out to be a boon for all travel enthusiasts. If your visit falls under the travel or business category, then you need a Schengen visa to enter the member countries. Furthermore, your travel visa is valid across these 26 countries so that you can travel safely across all European travel destinations.

How Travel Insurance Covers Your Medical Emergencies Abroad

Medical emergencies are the last thing that anybody is thinking about while setting course for an excursion abroad. However, it is best to be prepared with a plan in place and secure yourself in the following ways:

1.Health Cover: Travelling to a different country can take a toll on the body with the sudden change in sleep cycle, weather condition, food, etc. It is thus in your best interests to purchase a Health Insurance Plan to protect you against an untimely illness.

2.Inconvenience During Trips: Should you face any inconvenience during your trip due to uncontrollable reasons like natural calamities, terrorist attack, etc., Schengen Travel Insurance Policy can reimburse you for the distress caused to you during your trip.

3.Home Insurance: Your International Travel Insurance Policy also offers you Home Insurance and covers home fire, burglary, etc. while you’re away.

4.Loss of Belongings: While definitely unwanted, it is possible that you might lose important documents like your passport when you’re out exploring the world. Schengen Travel Insurance can also cover you under such circumstances and help you recover these important documents so that you can resume your trip within no time.

Bharti AXA Schengen Travellers Insurance helps you take care of your needs on your trip to Schengen countries and helps you purchase Travel Insurance Online. We make sure that your travel plans are insured so that you get the vacation you deserve!

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