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Know more about pre-existing coverage on travel insurance


Travelling is a great way for you to rejuvenate and attain tranquility. However, you need to have an adequate travel insurance to ensure that your travel is hassle-free. One of the aspects that you should know about is coverage of pre-existing medical conditions. So, let’s have a closer look at pre-existing conditions and their coverage.

What is a Pre-existing Condition

The following aspects qualify a medical condition as pre-existing condition:

  • A medical condition that is affecting you and has been diagnosed
  • A medical condition for which you had a surgery/treatment or are undergoing one or will undergo
  • A medical condition for which you are taking regular medications

You will need pre-existing coverage if you sought a medical treatment or changed the prescription issued to you during the time of that particular sickness or ailment.

Important note:You will need pre-existing condition coverage within your travel insurance plan to avoid claim denials.

Thus, a pre-existing medical condition cover is worth buying. Some policy providers may provide it as a part of their policy whereas some may provide it as a separate waiver. You can choose the best plan for your travelling needs, keeping into consideration the lookup period and stability of your medical condition.

Travel Insurance by Bharti AXA

There are many travel insurance advantages that you can avail if you select the correct policy. However, you need to ensure that it covers all your requirements. Some plans may include coverage for pre-existing conditions while others don’t. It means that if you do not require the coverage, then you will have to pay for it anyways. However, Bharti AXA provides you travel insurance plans that you can customize according to your needs. Therefore, your premiums will reflect only the things that you select.

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