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Know How To Get Long Term Suzuki Bike Insurance Online


Suzuki is a Japanese Company which is well known for manufacturing excellence, adherence to quality and brilliant business performance. It has a loyal base in India and manufacturing facilities at Gurgaon, Haryana. Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt. Ltd. manufactures both scooters and motorcycles, and Hayabusa is an extremely popular sports bike offered by Suzuki. Their other popular bike models are Suzuki Access and the Suzuki Gixxer.

In India – two wheeler vehicles are quite popular, due to their affordability, mileage as well as their manoeuvrability. However, it is estimated that about 70% of two wheelers in India don’t have insurance. The government has made it mandatory for a vehicle owner to have at least Third Party Insurance Cover –the insurance cover, which pays for the damages that a third  party would sustain as well as personal hurt for the third party only.

If you own a Suzuki bike and want to insure the same, you may choose a more comprehensive insurance cover – which will cover not only the third party damages but also your own in case of natural or man-made disasters, fire, explosions, breakdowns etc. That is a choice for you to make.

Why Go For Long Term Insurance On Your Suzuki Bike?

Despite the legal requirement, a lot of bike owners find it cumbersome or simply forget to get two-wheeler insurance on their two-wheelers. To assist and encourage vehicle owners to buy and renew insurance policies on their two wheelers on a timely basis,      the IRDA has empowered insurance companies to offer multi-year motor insurance for a period up to 3 years. While the main purpose is to ensure that all the two wheelers remain insured constantly, the other benefits of Long Term Bike Insurance are

  • no hassle of annual policy renewals
  • no risk of the policy lapsing and putting you against the law
  • saves on expenses relating to insurance
  • discounted price available on insurance being paid for a few years together- resulting in lower premium.
  • No continuous checks on bikes to be done every year

How Do You Get This Long Term Insurance?

Long Term Bike Insurance for your Suzuki Bike can be bought online – through individual websites of Insurers or by web Insurance Aggregators. When you visit the sites and put in your details, you will note you get the option of Long term policy or single-year policy. You can put in your specific requirements for your Suzuki Bike and check the policy that has the cheapest premium while providing all the coverage you need. Don’t hesitate to pay a slightly higher premium for a Suzuki Bike insurance policy that gives you the coverage you want for your Suzuki Bike. These points should be kept in mind while comparing policies:

  • Premium paid
  • Coverage given or IDV (Insured Declared Value) of vehicle
  • Policy benefits
  • Network garages
  • Cashless repairs
  • Comparisons can be made based on factors like coverage, policy benefits, inclusions, and exclusions of policy, availability of network garages, premium cost, and more.

What Are The Factors Affecting Your Bike Insurance Premium?

While choosing the insurance provider – pay attention to the details needed for calculating bile premium. Your Suzuki bike can be insured well and for less – but to check the premiums across insurance providers you need the following details: model of the bike, bike registration number, age of the bile, engine capacity in cc of the bike, zone of registration of the bike, your driving license, and other personal details. Please make sure all the details filled in are accurate as this will affect the applicability of your policy.

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