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Know About Pre-Existing Health Insurance


Health is one asset that truly needs to be taken care of. However, today, it has become common that most of us suffer from some minor or major health issue. Moreover, this makes most of us feel that getting health insurance would be impossible for us. However, this is not true.

Getting pre-existing health insurance is possible. However, it is only a little different from getting a regular insurance cover. You just need to know more about it properly!

Understanding Pre-Existing Illness?

A pre-existing illness means any disease or condition that you may suffer from before the date of issuance of the policy. In a broader sense, it includes the following:

   -    Any existing illness or condition inclusive of its signs/symptoms that you may have acquired or are suffering from.

   -    Any prior hospitalisation or surgery

It is essential to understand that different insurance companies include different conditions under pre-existing illness. So, it is advisable that you check before applying to different companies.

However, pre-existing illness will include the following:

Medical History of Gestational diabetes, heart attack etc.

Hospitalisation, for a kidney stone or angioplasty etc.

Signs of obesity, anorexia etc.

Symptoms like sweating, increased thirst etc.

Any medication for hypertension, diabetes etc.

A pre-existing illness may also include any skin disorder, any accidental injury or diagnosed illnesses before the date of issuing the policy.

Getting A Coverage with Pre-Existing Illness

Buying a health cover for yourself can be slightly challenging if you already have any pre-existing illness. It is because insurance companies are a little reluctant due to the risk of facing higher recurrent claims.

However, still, there’s no reason to give up!

You will have to face the following in applying for such a cover-

• Higher Premium

Companies in such a case charge a little higher premium to cover their own risk. This is known as premium loading. Otherwise, the coverage benefits offered under the pre-existing illness plan and the other plan are mostly the same.

• Waiting Period

When suffering from pre-existing illness, you will have to wait for a specified duration of time to get a health cover. However, once you get the cover, the wait will be worth it.

You will be covered against all the pre-existing illnesses that make you more vulnerable and thus, more in need of such an insurance cover.

• Medical Checkups

The insurance company will evaluate your medical status closely if you have any such pre-existing health issue, as against a regular applicant. Therefore, you will have to go through various medical tests before getting the cover.

The company will decide based on these results that whether they want to offer you the policy or not, and if yes, then for how much claim.

• Exclusion of A Pre-Existing Illness

If you have any chronic disease, then the company may offer you a cover only if you agree on a permanent exclusion of that specific condition. Although this cover may not help in case of a health issue related to that particular problem, this will cover you against all the other unrelated health challenges.

• Policy Denial

If in case your chronic illness is severe or you’ve had a medical history of cancer or heart attack, then the company may deny you the policy right away.

It is also important to bear in mind, that if you have a lifestyle habit of smoking, drinking etc. then you’re more susceptible to health issues in the future. In such a case, insurance companies are likely to charge a higher premium from you.

Apply for Pre-Existing Health Insurance

Your pre-existing illness should not stop you from applying for health insurance. The process of getting one may be a little complex for you, but still, we suggest that you at least try and apply.

Also, it will be good if you can get a voluntary medical health check-up done in advance. Moreover, make sure that you don’t hide your pre-existing condition from the insurance company. Telling the company about your pre-existing condition will enable you to know the terms and conditions accurately.

At Bharti AXA GI, we offer a super smart health insurance policy that covers all pre-existing conditions like genital disorders, surgeries and procedures, critical illnesses and many others. However, all these can be claimed after a certain waiting period that may vary from a few months to two to three years.

Now that you know more about pre-existing conditions, get your quote from Bharti AXA GI comprehensive health insurance plan to cover and safeguard yourself at the earliest!

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