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Know About Age To Premium Ratio Factor


Health insurance is undoubtedly an investment, but most of us wonder about the increase in the premiums with an increase in age even if they are fit and fine. But, as you age, you become susceptible to illness and disease, this is why you pose to become a higher risk to the insurance companies. Though in order to protect their own interests, insurance companies increase your premium with your age.

The insurer evaluates certain key factors in order to determine your health insurance premiums. One of the most important factors is the claim status. Your insurer will evaluate and regularly review profiles of patients and therefore, determine which policyholder costs them more money and pinpoints the holders who require more frequent medical care.

A senior may require frequent blood tests related to diabetes, blood pressure checkups, cholesterol reviews and more heart-related issues. The person may need more surgeries and procedures in order to strengthen the failure in bones or eyesight. Special care can be more expensive which may not be required for the young men.

Similarly, a senior woman may require regular check-ups like mammograms, gynaecological procedures, pregnancy and delivery and age-related bone therapy and specific problems which may not be found amongst younger woman. Most of the time, a younger woman just needs vaccinations and various other routine procedures when they are young.

With the increasing rates of medicines and surgeries, insurers also need to protect their rate of interests from inflation — some of the ways through which you can reduce the amount of premium paid by you.

Some of the tips include:

When you start growing old, the insurers offer free medical checkups to check for the pre-existing ailments. Especially for senior citizens, the treatment for these ailments is covered but after a waiting period of two to three years. Some of the insurance does not even allow renewal of the policy after 69 or 70 years and others renew the policy till the age of 80 years. So, while choosing the health insurance policy, choose wisely.

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  1. Try buying family floater plans which let you pay less premium overall as a family.
  2. Stay healthy and have a less worrying medical history.
  3. Change the insurance company to which offer less premium as you age.
  4. Stay updated with the latest policies coming in the market to avail lowest premium facilities across the industry.

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