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A Key to best and affordable health insurance


Good health is everyone’s right,but to secure this right is a daunting task. Due to recent development in the field of medical science and wellness, our country has been blessed with many health care providers providing world class medical facilities but these superior quality of medical facilities come at a very high cost. Health Insurance has emerged as the only viable and affordable mode to bring such advanced facilities within the reach on a common man.

Now, people have become more conscious of investing in their health and wellness which has led to increase in the demand for a good and affordable health insurance as it takes care of all the expenses during a medical exigency. There are hundreds of health plans available today making it difficult to choose the right one.

Before choosing a health insurance plan it is fundamental to check if it covers your need and also it is not too expensive on your pocket,as it is a lifetime investment that requires you to pay regular premium.

Below are some points which you should consider while choosing the best health plan.

Your need: You need to understand your requirement and expectation from a health plan. There are many types of health insurance policies available; while most of them cover you for the hospitalization expenses there are also other plans with different benefits such as a daily Cash plan, Medi-claim, Critical Illness plan etc.

Extent of Sum Insured: It is essential for you to understand how much Sum Insured would be sufficient to cover all expenses in case of a medical emergency. The cover under medical insurance plans are available for Rs 2 lacs, Rs 5 lacs and more. You need to choose the most appropriate option keeping in mind the cost of treatment in your location. Many plans have the option to enhance the sum insured at the time of renewal and such options should be used to update the coverage to keep it parallel with the medical inflation.

Premium affordability: The two factors that decide the premium of a health plan are your age and the Sum Insured opted. The premium will also increase with the increase in age (mostly after a certain age period). It is wise to evaluate the affordability before making a decision.There are many riders and additional covers such as High Deductible cover or a Critical Illness cover which can be opted to increase the sum insured for all or major diseases at a much lower cost.

Type of cover: If you are married and have a family then a floater policy would be a better option as the whole family would be covered under a single sum insured. Instead of opting for individual covers the entire family can opt for a single cover with higher Sum Insured and lower premium.

The fine print:Once the plan is selected it is very important to read the terms and conditions to understand the various coverages provided. Important conditions to be noted are:

  • Limit on room rent expenses
  • Co-Payment applicable
  • Sub limits on diseases and surgeries
  • Exclusions applicable for specific diseases and pre-existing conditions

Now, that you know the key to an affordable health insurance, invest in your health today.

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