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Is it Mandatory to get a Two Wheeler Insurance?

Is it Mandatory to get a Two Wheeler Insurance?

If you or someone you know owns a two-wheeler, there’s always the fear of theft, damage or emergencies that you might face. With a two-wheeler insurance policy, the worry for such situations is taken care of.  

Moreover, the Indian government has made it mandatory to apply for bike insurance. The law states that you should always carry your registration and third-party two-wheeler insurance policy when riding your bike. This especially helps if there’s an emergency or problem.

When would you need a two-wheeler insurance?

Your two-wheeler insurance comes in use during unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, damage to your two-wheeler; as well as any loss due to theft. Most two-wheeler insurance plans also cover man-made and natural calamities that may affect your two-wheeler, such as damage caused due to fire. Read on to find out more.

The Motor Vehicle Act According to the act, if there’s a mishap and you’re at fault, you may have to bear a lot of unnecessary expenses. For example, if you’re caught without your registration and two wheeler insurance policy, you will have to bear a fine that starts at a minimum of Rs. 1000. This is why it becomes all the more important for you to get a two wheeler insurance policy.

Liability to the third party Let’s take an example, Sanjeev meets with an accident on his two wheeler and hurts himself along with the other party - Vijay. The police investigate and realize that Sanjeev was at fault. In such a case Sanjeev becomes liable to reimburse Vijay for the damages incurred. Having said this, if Sanjeev has a two wheeler insurance policy in place, he wouldn’t have to panic about finding the funds at the last moment. However, if he doesn’t have bike insurance and faces this situation, the outcome will be quite different. Especially if the accident results in a death or disability. This leads to another reason why you should always buy or renew your two wheeler insurance policy.

The reasons being that if you’re at fault and the other party gets affected due to the bike accident caused by you, you will have to bear the consequences of not having a two wheeler insurance policy besides having to source the funds to make up for the damage.

Does a two wheeler insurance policy cover it all?

The simple answer is no. It does not cover theft of two-wheeler accessories or damage due to negligent and reckless riding; especially if the insured is under the influence of alcohol and drugs. It covers for emergencies like unforeseen accidents or harm caused due to natural calamities.

Hence, it is important to be a responsible rider irrespective of whether you have a two wheeler insurance policy in place or not.

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