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Interesting Facts To Know About US Culture


The cultural ethos of the United States lies in its diversity. With each of its fifty states proudly upholding its own customs and traditions and an overall population consisting largely of immigrants from all over the world who chose to make USA their home, it is hard to put on a finger on what can be termed as a definitive US culture.  

Various ethnicities and nationalities who settled in USA, in addition to the Native Americans, have been instrumental in shaping the culture of this fascinating country.

In this travel guide we will tell you about some of the interesting and lesser known quirks of the culture and customs you will come across in the US. It will enable you to be prepared and better understand what to expect when you travel to the country. Being aware of these pretty amazing and fun facts can also help you avoid cultural pitfalls when visiting USA.

Fact #1: 300 Languages and No Official Language

That’s right. Yet another example of US cultural diversity is the fact that there are around 350 odd languages estimated to be spoken in the country, of which English, Spanish, French, Chinese and German are most widely spoken. In the state of Hawaii you will discover that English and Hawaiian are the official languages. Yet there is no single designated official language of the United States.

Fact #2: A Nation That Orders “To Go”

You know the familiar big city urban trend of busy professionals who are always on the move and quite often end up grabbing a bite or a drink while on the go? Well in the US it is more than a trend that is restricted to a couple of big cities like New York and Chicago.

Ordering food to eat on the go or “to go” is a culture in the US. And it is not just about a gulping down a coffee or eating that take out lunch when one gets a few stationery moments like sitting in a taxi or car or once you reach someplace. Munching on a burger, a slice of pizza or forking up noodles from a take away container is all done while walking or crossing roads, using public transport or standing in queues at public places.

Fact #3: The Stars and Stripes Has Been Designed By a Teenager

The current American flag, also known as the Stars and Stripes was designed by a 17-year old as part of a high school project way back in 1958 when there were 48 states. The teacher didn’t seem to think much of the design and marked it a B- However the then US President Eisenhower though otherwise and selected Robert Heff’s design to be the official flag of the United States of America.    

Being well informed about the place you intend to visit is an important trip preparation that you should do. Check out our travel guide to find out more about USA, the best season to visit, its national parks and other top attractions and things to do, and more travel tips so that you can plan your visit accordingly.

There is just so much to experience and so many exciting things to do in this vast country. To know about the US visa application process, check out our visa guide for USA. While planning and saving for your trip make sure you purchase travel insurance for USA. After all the US is one of the more expensive countries to visit so you would not want to take any travel risks. Having international travel insurance is essential to protect you from a mishap such as loss of luggage or passport, a medical emergency that could occur while travelling overseas or even if your trip gets cancelled. It is always a smart decision to stay covered and secure with travel insurance when travelling abroad, so that you are totally relaxed to enjoy your vacation in the US with your loved ones.

By the way the holiday season in US is spread out for about a month right from Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas and ending with grand New Year celebrations. It is a wonderful time to visit the US when you can enjoy the magical fairyland-like quality of the spectacular lighting and decorations everywhere you go.

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