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Interesting Facts To Know About New Zealand Culture


Apart from the native Maoris, early European settlers and people of various ethnicities and nationalities who have settled in New Zealand over the years have contributed largely in influencing and shaping the culture of this simple, friendly and welcoming country.

Over the past few years New Zealand has become a trending travel destination. However even though tourism has been on the rise and the country is welcoming more and more foreign visitors each year, there is a lot we still do not know or understand about New Zealand’s cultural traditions and customs. A large part of this could also be due to the remote location of these islands tucked away in the south east corner of the world.   

In this travel guide we tell you about some of the interesting and lesser known quirks about the culture and customs you will come across in New Zealand. It will equip you to be prepared and better understand what to expect when you travel to the country. So let us get familiar and discover some pretty amazing and fun facts about the Kiwis.

Fact #1: Kiwis Find It Hard To Say No

New Zealanders are generally known to be a really friendly lot with a very positive and gung-ho attitude towards most things in life. However this cheery attitude can pose a challenge in situations such as if they are asked out for a game night, party or a movie, and they don’t really want to go but are too nice to turn you down directly. It is not in Kiwi culture to be rude, negative or hurtful towards the other person.     

Fact #2: Rugby Epitomises New Zealand’s Sport Culture

What soccer and basketball are to the Americans and football is to a Brazilian is what rugby is to a New Zealander. Young Kiwis both girls and boys are initiated into the sporting culture of rugby at a young age with most playing the sport at school or college and then at club level. It might seem contradictory for the friendly, kind and easy going New Zealanders to be so passionate about such a rough sport but most New Zealanders do tend to take great pride in identifying themselves with rugby at a national level.  

Fact #3: Women in New Zealand Had Voting Rights in 1893

Is it any wonder that New Zealand is currently led by a woman Prime Minister when it was the first country ever to grant women the right to vote way back in September 1893? Women’s rights and gender equality are not just trending buzzwords but deeply ingrained in the culture of New Zealand.  

Fact #4: Indigenous Maoris Are 15% of New Zealand’s Population

The Maoris are the original inhabitants of New Zealand and their customs and traditions are a very important part of New Zealand’s culture. You can experience Maori way of life by visiting a typical settlement in Rotorua, learn their way of greeting and join in a typical Maori feat. 

Being well informed about your destination is the most vital preparation that you should do as a traveller. Check out our New Zealand travel guide to find out more about the country, best season to visit, outdoor adventure sports and more such travel tips so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

While making your travel plans, budgeting and saving for your trip, don’t forget to include travel insurance for New Zealand. New Zealand is not a cheap vacation destination and having travel insurance is essential to safeguard you from financial loss in case of any mishap or untoward incident. A valid travel insurance policy can cover you in case of an accident, sudden illness, or if your luggage gets lost or misplaced in transit. Travel insurance will come in handy even if your trip unfortunately ends up getting cancelled. Buying travel insurance to secure your overseas trip can actually save you a lot of money and hassle when travelling abroad so ensure that you purchase a suitable plan before you set out from India.

New Zealand also has a very active outdoorsy culture because it is blessed with some of the most jaw-dropping landscape and natural wonders from active geysers and volcanoes to glacier lakes, virgin forests, long stretches of pristine sandy beaches and a rich ecosystem of flora and fauna.



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