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Interesting Facts To Know About Italian Culture


The Italians are known to be extremely passionate people and go to great lengths to protect things they care about. This quality extends to a whole lot of their cultural aspects; be it Italy’s rich architectural legacy, an evolved sense of music, design, art and fashion, ancient Roman history and historical monuments to regional specialities in Italian cuisine, world famous varieties of wine and their artistic language.

And while there is a lot that is quite well known about Italian culture, there is also much that is not so widely known or understood about their traditions and customs.

We decided to dig deeper and have uncovered for you some very interesting and lesser known facts about Italian cultural heritage that may surprise you. They will also tell you what to expect when you visit this charming European country. Knowing these fun facts can be of great use when you visit Italy to avoid any faux pas and to conduct yourself in a polite and socially acceptable manner.

Fact #1: In Italy Cats Are People Too  

Now those of you who are cat lovers may find this fact quite adorable, while those are not, may feel that the Italians are taking things a bit too far! Cats have an important place in Italian society and culture. They have been given legal rights and can even inherit property, although indirectly under a human caretaker. Naturally it is no surprise that killing a cat in Italy, irrespective of whether it is owned or a stray is a grave crime that can incur a hefty fine and a prison term. Get that for some Italian passion and compassion!   

Fact #2: World’s Largest Collection of UNESCO Heritage Sites  

We do know that Italy is filled with many ancient historical structures and sites. But did you know that the entire country is practically like a giant open air museum with more than 50 listed UNESCO world heritage sites, including the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Roman Colosseum, the Dolomites, Historic Centre in Florence, Mount Etna, the Amalfi Coast and the lagoons of Venice.  

Fact #3: Art is an Integral Part of Italian Life

Italians tend to be artistic by nature and make sure that art surrounds them and also finds its way in every aspect of their daily lives. You will see it in the great works of art by the masters that adorns famous public buildings across Italy and the various architectural styles that have emerged from Italy – from Baroque to Renaissance and Neoclassical. You can also see the Italian passion for art in the way they emphasise rolling out the perfect pasta, making pizza dough just right or the skill displayed in whipping up a delectable handmade gelato. There is no denying that the Italians have a great artistic flair.

Fact #4: The Italian Police Use Super Cars

How many countries can boast of a police force that uses one of the world’s fastest and most expensive super cars? Well the Italian Polizia has Lamborghinis in their fleet. Beat that! Criminals may just stop to admire the Lamborghini and forget to flee from the police.   

Being well informed about the place you intend to visit is one of the most important trip preparation that you should do. Check out our travel guide to Italy to find out more about the country, best season to visit, top things to see and do and more such travel tips so that you can plan your visit accordingly.

Even when moving about in a largely safe European country such as Italy, one should always remain alert and aware of one’s surroundings and keep a watch on one’s belongings. Before you set out to enjoy your Italian dream holiday, remember to get travel insurance for Italy. Your travel insurance policy will be an important safeguard to cover you financially in case of a mishap such as a theft, pickpocket, an accident or sudden illness or even in the event that your trip itself is cancelled. Buying travel insurance is absolutely essential to secure your international trip so make sure you don’t leave home without it. While in Italy don’t miss out on savouring authentic Italian dishes.


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