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Get Emergency Medical Care: International Travel Insurance
Get Medical Assistance with Travel Insurance!

Imagine you’re at a foreign location enjoying your trip. God forbid, but what if you suddenly fall ill or have a serious accident? Where do you turn to for medical advice? Or to locate a trustworthy physician?

You don’t want your trip to end up like a nightmare due to illness or medical emergency, do you?

Single Trip versus Annual Multi Trip
Single Trip Vs. Multi-Trip Travel Insurance: What’s Right for You?

Dreaming about a vacation abroad? You should definitely try making it come true.

A travel insurance plan can help you fly across continents with ease. It financially secures you from the mess of flight cancellation, medical treatment, or baggage loss that could possibly occur during travel.

Schengen Travel Insurance: Learn All About It!

While travelling to your favourite international destination, you do need a visa. But what about Schengen countries? They would require a Schengen visa.

But before you opt for that, you should know that you need a different travel insurance to obtain the visa.

How do you get the Schengen travel insurance? And why did this all begin?

Let’s find out.

Things is to Remember While Buying a Travel Insurance Policy
Things to Remember While Buying Travel Insurance Policy

Lao Tzu, the famous philosopher and poet once said “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Today ideally that single step should be that of a meticulous plan that ensures a successful trip.

Why is Travel Insurance Necessary?
Why is Travel Insurance Necessary?

Even the most frequent of travellers are bogged down by monotonous travel related paper work. Amongst all formalities associated with travel, insurance is viewed as the most unnecessary.

Extending Business Trips into Personal Holidays

Gone are the days when business trips meant just work. Today an increasing number of business travellers are opting to extend their business trips into a personal holiday. By bringing a non-work companion or family on the trip one can save on time along with travel and lodging expenses.

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