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Increased Fine For Riding Bike Without Necessary Documents


Many people are complaining about the fine imposed on them for various types of non compliances with regards to the Motor Vehicles Act. But this is not justified as the fines are not new they have been around for while. In fact, these provisions were there already in the constitution and people were supposed to follow the rules but due to low fine, people ignored these rules. Hence, the government has increased the bike fine to boost compliance. And this is also true for riding a bike without necessary documents.


Which documents are necessary?

Driving License, Registration card (RC), Pollution Certificate (PUC), TPL Insurance Policy, etc. are mandatory to be kept along with the vehicle and produced before the authorities as and when required. The fine for driving without a license has been increased from Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000. The fine for driving an uninsured vehicle was Rs. 1000 earlier, which has been increased to Rs. 2000 for first time offenders, and Rs. 4000 for second time offenders.


You can now present documents in electronic form

Why ride without documents? The government has allowed people to produce the necessary documents in electronic form1. This is a big shift from the old policy which mandated the people to carry a bunch of documents, kept safely in plastic bags. Now there is little room left for noncompliance as the practical hassle of producing documents is gone. People can show the e-copies of the documents to the enforcement agencies easily, as and when required. Also, you can apply for bike insurance online these days with no hassles.


Which are the apps you can use for storing the documents?

The government has allowed the Digilocker facilities and mParivahan App for storing and retrieving the documents2. These are two government run platforms and if you have the documents stored elsewhere, it will not be considered legitimate for this purpose.


How to use Digilocker facilities?

Digilocker is a web based platform that can be accessed from computers as well as smartphones. For using it on smartphones, people can use the official Digilocker app for Android and iOS devices3.

Step 1: Download the Digilocker app in your smartphone

Step 2: Create your account in the app with your phone number and authenticate it

Step 3: Link your account with your AADHAAR number, it will fetch all your information from govt. server

Step 4: Add your Driver’s license number. The Digilocker app will only work if the data in your Driver’s License and AADHAAR card match.

Step 5: Once the DL is registered successfully, you can add other documents in the app such as PUC and RC.

Step 6: Verify the DL and RC through digital signature or QR code


It is now so much easier to use the technology and save yourself from hefty fine for non-compliance with regards to the necessary documents.

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