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Improve Your Car’s Mileage by Following These Tips


Owning a car has nowadays become a necessity, but mileage of car plays a significant role in the lifeline of the vehicle. With the fuel prices reaching the sky, it becomes necessary to drive your car economically. Don’t forget to buy the car insurance policy for your vehicle! Here, we have certain tips for you to follow to increase your car’s mileage. Read them out!

Manage the Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure, the highly ignored thing while driving a car. However, remember, lower tyre pressure can increase the contact area between the tyre and road resulting in higher friction which leads to high fuel consumption. At the same time, higher tyre pressure can cause loss of grip and again high fuel consumption. Therefore, manage the tyre pressure as recommended by the manufacturer to avoid higher fuel consumption.

Operate Smoothly

Be smooth on the car controls. Whether it is gear changing or throttle input, always be smooth. Always remember, treat accelerator and brake with respect and very softly. Rough acceleration and quick brakes often lead to high fuel consumption, so always be prepared earlier. For example, if you are about to reach the red signal, slowdown from a bit farther.

Keep Windows Shut

When you are at high speed, try shutting the windows as it results to high pressure and draining of the tank. You can say aerodynamics play a major role in high fuel consumption. Apart from this, shutting windows can protect you from the polluted air. Stay healthy!

Watch Out Gears

According to the speed, maintain the gears. Lower gear and higher accelerator create pressure on the car and result into the usage of fuel more than the regular consumption. Using gears correctly is considered as the most useful way to get the most mileage out of your car. It is advisable to shift gears earlier in order to let the engine work in sync with the gears.

Service the Car Regularly

Never miss out servicing, a car liberal with servicing always lead us to lousy mileage. Regular servicing is all your car may require in exchange of better mileage. Also, the oxygen centre in your emissions control system helps your engine run highly efficiently by checking the quality of your fuel.

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